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Stories and News No. 1178
The 39 people found dead on a truck in England on Wednesday, whose origin was unknown, were Chinese. Yes, now we know they are Chinese.

Thirty-nine is a news, because numbers matter. The numbers are facts and no one can discuss or manipulate them.
But it depends, it is obvious and, every now and then, it must be remembered.
First of all, thirty-nine football players.
All champions, all outstanding athletes. It is the ranking of the best ones. Indeed, no, it is the whole favorite team, with all the new arrivals, especially the last one, the future star, who will take the place of the old captain in the dreams of the fans.
On the other hand, when you are thirty-nine years old you can't expect to run from door to door without blinking, that's it.
Next, the thirty-nine girlfriends of the stars on the field. The inevitable beauties that sparkle in the stadium’s chairs or that suddenly appear among the Instagram profiles of the husbands to steal subscribers and likes.
Then, what else? In no particular order, thirty-nine absences in a single month at the European parliament of the umpteenth politician who built his fortune by selling lies to tarnish the old continent.
After that, thirty-nine contenders at the new reality show, and only one will remain. Too bad, they are still too many. Couldn't we get rid of the junk all at once?
Again, the thirty-ninth version of your loved cell phone, which will have everything that was not there before, but less than the one they will force you to buy tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on.
It's important anyway, it is, take note, listen and don't get distracted, because then the system will interrogate you and you can't be caught unprepared on the popular lesson.
What? Thirty-nine inches? Are you kidding me? The TV is your horizon and it deserves space. Thirty-nine twice, you mean. You have to watch our programs in a big way, bigger and bigger, otherwise you realize what's outside the edges...
Consequently, as many as thirty-nine walls are being planned on our borders, the money has been allocated, the agreements established and the handshakes already sanctioned. Because it takes little to maintain the promises of fear. Courage needs time and we have little of it.
At most thirty-nine seconds, the maximum amount of attention you need to get every rash saturated with lies about the poor of this world, between a slice of social network board and a brief clip during an aperitif with friends.

Only thirty-nine, not even forty, to comment about life with a detached brain and a heart never connected, to howl their misery before the world's differences, whether it is from the stands rather than the window of a car, to bring to the square noise mixed with ignorance and the few become the people, or the entire population.
Because it is true that the numbers are facts and should not dispute, but it is only valid if you have at least a shred of idea on how many thirty-nine are.
Otherwise, even the most unpleasant of imaginable guy becomes able to convince the majority, that the few who support him are a lot.

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