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The planet of effects without a cause

Stories and News No. 1181   Once upon a time there was a planet. Let's talk about it as if we were in a science fiction story. One of those that we consider improbable and that sometimes we use to relax, like catastrophic movies or those fails videos, and everyone laughs. Because we are not the ones who fall. The planet was very bizarre and the creatures were no less, compactly consistent in defining the common horizon on the basis of a questionable assumption: the relationship of cause and effect is outdated, since what really matters is the latter. Everything else is boring, even if it could save the present, and so the future. By analogous reasoning, the obtuse extra-inhabitants refused the third law of dynamics , the principle of action and its logical reply. According to such an unfortunate species, there was only the reaction , period. The origin, the gesture and every initial choice were never on the agenda. Thus, the ways in which these unconscious guys inter

The dream of the viewer voter user nationalist

Stories and News No. 1180   Thanks. Thank you, beloved television. Thanks, dear internet. Thanks to you all, precious social networks. Thank you, Bush senior , for paving the way. Thanks to your great son, George W. Bush , for still having the courage to show himself in public, despite the large quantity of gaffes with which you have made yourself noticed over the years. But above all, thanks to you, Donald Trump . I look at you in the firmament of my idols and, finally, I no longer feel any embarrassment for what I am. I had a dream, you know, my saviors? Yes, just like the leader par excellence, the one who was babbling about human rights while getting three meals a day at tax payers' expense at that famous Birmingham hotel, as a friend of mine told me on Facebook. I looked at myself in the mirror and got depressed. Not for the appearance, which is a subjective discourse, but for what I felt. I felt uneasy before those left-wing snobs, only because I never re

The grammar of racism

Stories and News No. 1179   Kone Yossodjo is nineteen years old and today he runs. He runs for his country, the new one, Spain. Which is also new, at least faster, if not better, also thanks to him. Five years ago, Kone was forced to run not for something, but from. From his own country, the old one, the Ivory Coast. Which, past or present, will also be his land forever, perhaps poorer and less fast, but that’t not his fault. And when surviving involves running away from something, of which one is completely innocent, what will come out from that will be good, and so for everyone. Today he is a future star of athletics, in the largest and most populous nation of the Iberian peninsula. In the last year he has won 5 races out of 11 and is currently the absolute champion of the 5000 meters in Andalusia. The most surprisingly thing, not even a year after arriving in Spain, after being arrested and then transferred to a center for minors, he began to show all his talent, propel