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The migrant revolution

Stories and News No. 1183   This is a fairy tale, nothing to do with everyday life, that is hard to many and easy only to a few. Nevertheless, you will see that sooner or later everything will happen for real. Once upon a time our beloved and troubled planet. Once upon a time we, then as today, and probably tomorrow too. Once upon a time there were also employees at the gates of the afterlife, ushers, security officers, or simple hostesses and stewards responsible for transit. That day they were in great turmoil and never, since the beginning of time, the threat of a strike had been more possible. The situation had become unsustainable and paradoxical. At that moment, the workers responsible for the last of the human boundaries, perhaps the only one that really makes sense, felt intolerance and disbelief towards us. Perhaps because there had been a time when they had been alive, exactly like us, and once they had passed away they had realized how much weight our dull

Racism in the Black Friday of Italian football

Stories and News No. 1182   Italy football newspaper Corriere dello Sport presented the upcoming match between Inter and Roma with an infamous title. Here is how the editor, Ivan Zazzaroni , explains that: “ Whites, blacks, Yellow. Denying the difference is the typical macroscopic stumbling block of anti-racism’s racism. Black Friday, to those who want and can understand it, was and is only the praise of difference, the pride of difference, the magnificent wealth of difference .” Well… I have a different opinion about what a difference is. Lukaku and Smalling . The former is a striker . One who craves the goal. Who tries to see the net dancing thanks to its own aim, his strength or even the luck of having succeeded in defeating his greatest enemy, the last guardian and protector of the result until proven otherwise. In short, the goalkeeper . The latter is a defender . One that prevents the goal. Who tries to keep the friendly door safe with his quick reflexes, thro