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Let's not hurt each other too much

Stories and News No. 1186
Maybe it's because now I have more white hair in my head than just gray.
Maybe it's because I prefer the surprise, the real freshness, than what I have already read and seen.
Maybe because the more time passes, the more I focus my attention on the glass itself, rather than swinging between the full and the empty part.
Or maybe, I just have a great desire to go beyond the actual news and observe the whole long-range story, taking advantage of the vision of the past in the precious rear-view mirror called memory, before even in my case it starts to falter.
By way of example, think about so called leaders like Donald Trump, Putin or our Matteo Salvini.
Right now, in the heart of the live broadcast, for many everything seems normal.
Since their arrival on the public scenario they did or told so many crazy things, but each time we suddenly became used to that.
In a few words, it happens, so it is normal.
Like it was normal, in their time, the things people like Hitler or Stalin did e said.
However, escaping a moment to take refuge on this page, sheltered from unfortunately contemporary conventions, when we look each other in the eyes we will perfectly remember that there is nothing normal in all of that, then and now.

Indeed, what we should think about with more care is the fundamental outline, rather than the protagonists.
Not just them, but all the people who work and live around them.
All those who know inside that there is nothing normal, but it's okay, because that's what it is right now.
Do you know what? I will be guilty of naivety, but I am convinced that as more or less intimately aware of the absurdity of the moment, the support this kind of leaders is getting is not something absolute.
Those are not real votes, but rather screams, spits and regurgitations, what their leaders have invoked since they came out on the field. They were not the first and will not be the last.
But like their predecessors, you will see – I am ready to bet what you want, they will also fall down and the more they will continue to make noise, the more their defeat will be thunderous. It won't be tomorrow and the next day, but it will happen soon, trust me.
Immediately afterwards things will get a little more normal again, not entirely, because it has never happened and will never do, knowing us.
Still, it will not last long, because over time another profiteer of malaise and ignorance will emerge, capable of moving the level of decency even lower, and he will win.
But I'm sure, in the end he will fall too.
And so on, hoping that in the meantime we would deal more radically with the world environment and our species.
Hoping that in the meantime we won't hurt each other too much...

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