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Killing words

Stories and News No. 1190   They said that the pen kill more than the sword. It is probably true, even if today we have slightly lost its use. In our time we simply type keys, paying more or less attention to what we write, often forgetting what we said a second later. However, this epochal change does not diminish the power of words at all. Indeed, paradoxically it has led us to underestimate its weight and consequences, in the short and long term. But the accountability, or the guilt, remains and someone will have to give us an answer about them, sooner or later. Because words may kill. Literally. They translate crazy thoughts and terrifying intentions. Like when Tobias Rathien, the man who murdered eleven people and seriously injuring four others in Hanau, Germany, declared that some people we are unable to expel must be exterminated. But words are like the grains of sand on which we run in the summer. We unfortunately share them as every atom of the earth that hosts

The day without observances

Stories and News No. 1189   Today is the thirteenth of February. We are in the middle of the day, which refers to as many observances to remember and give homage. In fact, today is the Children's Day in Myanmar and the Radio Day in the world. Reflecting on the past, on mistakes, especially where these are sinful sins, is a fundamental matter. The first ingredient inside the bricks with which to compose the road that, hopefully, will lead us to a better future. Nonetheless, raising my head and aiming a hopeful look at the horizon awaiting us, I cannot help but dream of myself there, beyond the obstacles and above all the walls that prevent us from seeing where we are wrong now, even before passing. There must be an instant, down there, in which some victories against our current backwardness have been obtained so definitively as to be useless and even ridiculous to talk about it. Solid points of living together that we will not need to recall them. As if today we shoul

How are you?

Stories and News No. 1188   Hey? You’re welcome, here. Yes, I’m talking to you, not everybody, of course, but in this case I said you, even if in general. You, who scream or whisper, posting and chirping, sideways or secretly observing. Take a seat. Imagine that I am a friend or a kind of shrink, although maybe I’m neither. What did you say? No, I'm not kidding at all, I'm serious, despite everything. Sit down, come on. Let's talk. That is, speak, let all come out, do it now, please. Tell me, then, let's start with the classic. What was your childhood like? You had your hard times, didn't you? Problems with dad? Misunderstandings with mom? Domineering brothers? Little affectionate sisters? Are you an only child? Was the affection missing? Unleash yourself without fear, really, stop living in fright, you can no longer take all this concern. Aren't you tired too? Come on, then, let's move on. There was something bad during adol