Thursday, February 27, 2020

Healthy first

Stories and News No. 1191
Dear Italian brother,
Yes, you got it right. Because this is what we are, brothers and sisters, facing the whole universe. Because everything is relative, as the genius showed, and more than ever now is the time to remember it.
We should all do this, human brothers and sisters. Taking lessons from history, past and present, which sees us more or less protagonists, in good and bad times. Especially where affected by the latter.
How many times have we invited you to consider the weight of mere luck, or inevitable fate, on our different living conditions?
How many times have we urged you, in short, to

put yourself in our shoes to understand and hopefully consider your fortune in all of that?
Well, as often happens in our common life, where the favorable moments do not manage to illuminate the vision, perhaps the miracle will succeed in adverse circumstances.
Take as a clarifying example the Coronavirus ghost and the contingency that sees you, in this period, under the terrifying and terrified lens of the world.
Now, although in slightly different situations, maybe you will understand what it means to be on a ship after a long journey and to be denied landing at a step from the coast.
Now it will be clear to you what it means to observe your country depicted as the one not to imitate.
You will also discover how quickly this equally viral, discriminatory and marginalizing form spreads in every area, including sport.
You will verify on your skin, until yesterday protected by the most privileged of shades, what effect the spread of fears towards might have.
You will know the daily outbreak of an uncontrolled concern about your people.
You will pay the price of an impulsive increase in controls by those in charge along the boundaries within which you have so far lived unaware of the future and above all the real consequences of your actions.
You will be studied for your discomfort instead of your qualities.
You will also experience the suffering and humiliation of an authoritarian ban.
You will be held up everywhere as a source of extremely uncomfortable records.
You will be identified as a threat to the rest of the world.
You will be associated with isolation.
Assimilated to senseless risks and anxieties.
Then, when the damage will be irreparable, as it has been and always will be, even the financial powers which you had always relied on will align in pointing the finger at you.
Branded as cancer of the international economy, and fatal bogeyman, a symbol of doom for all nations.
Dearest brother, can you understand now?
It's absurd, isn't it? Just a few days ago, like many in the world, you started doing the same with the Chinese citizens, and now you find yourself too in the guise of an alien on your own planet.
Think about it, please, let's take the positive side of this disease.
You know what is the most important thing?
That sooner or later the illness will be eradicated and everything will return to normal.
While the reason why you have discriminated and isolated other people, something that doesn’t need to be taken care of – but something to admire and be proud of, it will remain.
It doesn't have to end like this.
Not all evils come to harm, it is said. And maybe that's what we can get as good from this virus...

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