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Killing words

Stories and News No. 1190
They said that the pen kill more than the sword.
It is probably true, even if today we have slightly lost its use. In our time we simply type keys, paying more or less attention to what we write, often forgetting what we said a second later.
However, this epochal change does not diminish the power of words at all. Indeed, paradoxically it has led us to underestimate its weight and consequences, in the short and long term. But the accountability, or the guilt, remains and someone will have to give us an answer about them, sooner or later.
Because words may kill. Literally. They translate crazy thoughts and terrifying intentions.
Like when Tobias Rathien, the man who murdered eleven people and seriously injuring four others in Hanau, Germany, declared that some people we are unable to expel must be exterminated.

But words are like the grains of sand on which we run in the summer. We unfortunately share them as every atom of the earth that hosts us, from which we come to light and, at the end of the day called life, we will return. Light or chaotic they transit between each one of us, from the rich to the poor, from the old to the young, from the presumed equal citizen to the necessarily different stranger, like invisible molecules of an air that we make year after year more irrespirable.
Before getting to seriously erase other people's lives, these are words that divide and hurt, like those of Matteo Salvini when he says that there are too many foreigners, asking more space for Italian kids, and when he adds that since there are 1.5 million Muslims in Italy, there would therefore be almost 50,000 potential terrorists among us.
These are words that discriminate and offend, like those of Donald Trump, who claims that (Mexicans) are not our friends, they bring drugs and crime, that people arriving in the US from Haiti have AIDS and those from Nigeria should go back to their huts in Africa.
These are words that intend to scare the most impressionable creatures and foment the most vulnerable souls, such as those of Marine Le Pen when she exclaims: "We say no to this immigration that submerges our countries and endangers the security of our peoples, of our bank accounts, of our values of civilization. We want to live in our countries as we want: in France as French, in Italy as Italians."
In one word, these are racist words, like those of Viktor Orbán when he declares that in the country he governs we do not need migrants, but Hungarian children.
These are ignorant, but above all infamous words, like those of Boris Johnson, who is convinced that since we have to legalize gay marriage, then I see nothing wrong with legalizing marriages between three men, or between three men and a dog. Before arguing that the children of single mothers are illegitimate.
These are words that exclude and discriminate in a completely inhuman way, like the ones of Geert Wilders when he wishes a Holland for Henk and Ingrid, not for Ahmed and Fatima.
Or even simply idiotic words, but no less dangerous, like those of Nigel Farage, when without any shame he says that women are worth less, it is right they earn less, they have the maternity pause.
These and many others are words that maybe do not kill, but are the result of a rotten and poisonous fruit of powerful leaders, most of them guide entire nations and sow hatred and feed hardships in millions of people.
They are a fundamental part of the same ignoble speech that leads to the extermination of innocent lives.
Do you know what is the most grotesque and disturbing aspect of this scenario? We have already seen it in past centuries, starting with the last one...

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