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The day without observances

Stories and News No. 1189
Today is the thirteenth of February.
We are in the middle of the day, which refers to as many observances to remember and give homage.
In fact, today is the Children's Day in Myanmar and the Radio Day in the world.
Reflecting on the past, on mistakes, especially where these are sinful sins, is a fundamental matter. The first ingredient inside the bricks with which to compose the road that, hopefully, will lead us to a better future.
Nonetheless, raising my head and aiming a hopeful look at the horizon awaiting us, I cannot help but dream of myself there, beyond the obstacles and above all the walls that prevent us from seeing where we are wrong now, even before passing.
There must be an instant, down there, in which some victories against our current backwardness have been obtained so definitively as to be useless and even ridiculous to talk about it.
Solid points of living together that we will not need to recall them. As if today we should decide to celebrate the Day against human sacrifices, the one against the ius primae noctis or the Day of cesarean section.
Let's try to dream together, then. Close your eyes, take my hand and let's jump forward, with the hope of not having to go too far.
On that updated version of our planet, perhaps within the confines of this same millennium, we will no longer feel the need to commemorate the

victims of the Holocaust, because we will have perfectly understood not only the atrocity and madness of genocide, but above all the dangerous as undervalued assumptions that preceded it.
On that normal day, we will not wait for Women's Day because for the latter it will finally be worth the same and identical reason for which there is no one dedicated to men. And we will apply the same concept with regard to violence against women.
In that radiant future, of which I envy the inhabitants, there will be no Day against Bullying, since we will have identified and dealt with the causes. And we will see the Day against homophobia as that relating to an incredibly absurd fear, like seeing the stars falling on us or that the sun disappearing at any moment.
Earth Day will then be remembered, but as the most illogical of all. Otherwise, how stupid could be a species that must remember to care for its planet?
Peace would be the main objective, everywhere and at all times, so shared that celebrating it would be like praising the need to breathe.
The Day against racism will be anachronistic stuff, since the alleged races, the overrated shades of complexion and somatic characteristics, will be so nuanced that we will have taken the decision to delete terms such as racism and discrimination from the vocabulary, to give space to new, essential and vital words, still hidden under the skin that divides instead of uniting us.
We will have put together so many miles of intuitions and reasoning between the concept of war and its incongruous foundation as a solution, to celebrate the Day against it for the very last time.
We will not be perfect or even gods, we will live a mortal and still short life, if compared to the infinity that surrounds us, but we will have stopped setting the Day of social justice and that of children's rights on the calendar.
As with the human sacrifices mentioned above, we will have once and for all rendered the Day against child labor useless. Do you realize that we are in 2020 and we look with a sense of superiority to the people of the past, while we still have to remember that making children work is wrong? And that selling human beings as if they were objects is ignoble action?
In that bright time when you and I will hover, even if only for a short time, instead, everything will be different and much will have been overcome.
We will have stopped making justice for someone who committed a crime, committing the same crime, since we will have abolished the Day against the death penalty, after having eliminated the latter.
It will be a mere matter of human evolution, normal achievements, which will take away the task of having to celebrate the Day of zero tolerance towards female genital mutilation or that for the abolition of slavery.
Solidarity and water, freedom of the press and the environment, human and elderly rights, all this will be a daily priority and no longer a newspaper headline, recycled from the previous year, or the pretext for an effective slogan only during the dedicated anniversary.
They will be discounted and fundamental themes for real, like washing your hands when you you’re back from school or work, even if there is a day for this too.
Well, now that we have to reopen our eyes, think about how nice it would be to raise our eyelids in that possible future and to the question ‘what day is today’ to answer: it is an ordinary one, a day like many others.
It's today, but it's called tomorrow.

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