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Little Red Riding Hood and the Coronavirus

Stories and News No. 1193   History is teaching us. Short stories equally, but never as much as fairy tales. Let's imagine, then. Let's imagine that Coronavirus has the boldness to infect also the vast realm of fantasy, proving to be just as fair as in the real world, making no distinction between tales, good and bad characters, undoubted protagonists and supporting actors. Consequently, let's say that the notorious Covid 19 also spreads in the Little Red Riding Hood forest. Well, I'm sure that mom would think twice about sending the little girl to bring sweets and medicine to her grandmother. Although she has certainly not worried in the past, given the presence of a ferocious and hungry wolf hidden in the bush. But I want to think positive. I always try to do it, and then we finally see the daddy in the picture. Since even in fairy tales the king's ordinance was needed to force him to stay at home. Either way, this isn't the time for controversy, r

Coronavirus Italy Video: 100 silver linings of staying at home

Stories and News No. 1192   Facing the most difficult moments, my life experience and especially others, older than me, have often advised me, strongly urged, sometimes forced, to concentrate on the full half of the water glass. It frequently works, at least in seeking out that minimum of power so as not to let yourself be cut down more than necessary. In some cases, rather than identifying the famous silver lining of things, it helps us to pay attention to the glass itself. Full or empty it might be. Yes, a common and normally underestimated object, the glass, like most of the tools we usually take advantage of. Like our home, where in this particular situation we in Italy and many other countries are forced to stay. Well, consistently with what has been said, I do it for myself and for the reader. I try to list as many favorable aspects in this extraordinary as necessary captivity which we find ourselves in. 1. Home-bound we have more time for ourselves 2. More t