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Coronavirus Italy Video: 100 silver linings of staying at home

Stories and News No. 1192
Facing the most difficult moments, my life experience and especially others, older than me, have often advised me, strongly urged, sometimes forced, to concentrate on the full half of the water glass.
It frequently works, at least in seeking out that minimum of power so as not to let yourself be cut down more than necessary.
In some cases, rather than identifying the famous silver lining of things, it helps us to pay attention to the glass itself.
Full or empty it might be.
Yes, a common and normally underestimated object, the glass, like most of the tools we usually take advantage of.
Like our home, where in this particular situation we in Italy and many other countries are forced to stay.
Well, consistently with what has been said, I do it for myself and for the reader.
I try to list as many favorable aspects in this extraordinary as necessary captivity which we find ourselves in.

1. Home-bound we have more time for ourselves
2. More time to talk to those we share the roof with
3. More time to listen to them
4. More time to understand them
5. We run less and we experience the value of slowness
6. We notice for the first time details that we have before our eyes every day
7. Finally we have no more excuses to fix what's broken
8. To paint that wall
9. To tidy up that closet
10. To throw the useless
11. And to refurbish what is precious
12. We can read more
13. We can write more
14. We can laugh without being hurry to quit
15. We can make love without haste
16. We can make love in the morning
17. And we can make love the day time we never did it
18. We are experiencing what it means to be afraid of the same thing and it's real
19. And maybe some will stop being afraid of the same thing, but that never really existed
20. We can play with our children without thinking about before and after
21. We can play with our parents without thinking, period
22. We can play all possible games with our brothers and sisters, as there is time for each one of them
23. We decide our own time
24. That is, we only harmonize it with those we desire
25. We remember what it meant to call someone from far away, if only to hear his voice, because now it affects all our friends and acquaintances
26. We are forced to leave the house only for a valid reason and this will prevent us from running away, only to choose to go or not
27. With the antivirus masks we all become the same in appearance, and all infinitely different below, just as before
28. When we approach the window we look at the world outside with affection
29. We miss everything, from the sun's rays
30. To the rain
31. From the breeze on the face
32. To pebbles that get into shoes
33. From the good morning of the neighbor before resuming the usual run
34. To the moment right before getting off the subway train
35. We take the car less or almost nothing
36. So, we don't get stressed by traffic
37. We do not argue with the other prisoners of smog and scrap metal
38. We pollute less
39. We consume less oil
40. We slow down climate change and global warming, deniers or not
41. We have also time to think
42. To what we have said
43. And what we're about to say
44. To what we would not have done
45. And to what we want to do and we never took the time to think about it
46. We will quarrel, but we will have more opportunities to make peace
47. We will make peace and we will have more opportunities to understand why we had quarreled
48. We all face the same risk and, now, we all share the same desire to defeat it
49. We can better understand, even if only a little bit, what our grandparents told us about the fear of leaving home
50. We are dedicated to making our room more beautiful
51. We are dedicated to doing the same with those we love
52. We do it together
53. We do a world of things together again, which we used to do alone, despite living together
54. To eat
55. And to clear things
56. To cook
57. And to wash the dishes
58. To tidy toys up
59. Or even just watch a movie
60. We do normal things for the others that we have always had alongside
61. We wash him hair
62. We cut them
63. Or we simply comb them
64. We give her a shoulder massage
65. And we tell her nice things we never told her
66. Because there was no time and now there is
67. Consequently, there are no more excuses to not discuss the problems of a lifetime
68. We can calmly focus on many aspects of our existence, usually neglected
69. Our dreams
70. Those of others
71. Simple projects, but set aside
72. The impossible ones, but there is nothing wrong with taking them seriously, now
73. We can plan for tomorrow, illuminated by the light beyond the tunnel we took refuge in
74. Finally, we know how most human beings live every holy day
75. We know, finally, why for most of them our life is the light they lack
76. We learn to take care of our body to take care of our body, and not to get a like from who we meet on the way
77. Normal things will become extraordinary and it is also good
78. To shop
79. Buying milk
80. Bread
81. Fruits
82. Water
83. Or even some chocolate
84. Because, perhaps, we will no longer take them for granted when they’ll return to be just normal
85. We will understand better why we live with whom we live
86. Why we chose them
87. And why they chose us
88. Why we love them
89. And why we stopped doing it
90. Because only in this way we will have at least one chance to start again
91. Because stopping and starting again is often the only way to stop making the same mistakes
92. Never as at this time we have been attentive to the words of those who govern us
93. Never as at this time we have been attentive to the words of those who governed us before
94. And perhaps, never as in the near future we will be careful to who will govern us
95. Because it is in these moments we see who is reliable
96. And who takes care only of himself
97. A common problem to be tackled together is infinitely better to unite us than an invented enemy to divide us
98. It will be the most banal of all, but this is the best time to appreciate being healthy
99. Equally obvious, but true, we are alive and hopefully we will be so even when all this will be over
100. Coronavirus is equal, affects rich and poor, citizens of birth or just by desire, and the only way to defeat it is to remind ourselves that in this world we are all traveling on the same ship, whose name is still the one of the day we sailed

In one, rediscovered word: humanity.

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