Thursday, April 23, 2020

If now

Stories and News No. 1197
Observing the particular moment we are living, here are some words dedicated to all the children and kids around the world confined at home, inspired by the poem If, by Rudyard Kipling.

If you will be able to play with whoever you have next to you and in every moment, having just quarreled too – especially in such a case. With your sister who seems too old, with your brother who seems excessively different, with your father who seems very busy now too; and with your mother, even if you would never want to tire her further, when you see her jaded.

If you will find pleasure anyway playing alone, since your friends are all far away, now.

If you can manage the lack of them without being

much sad, moved by the belief that they are still out there, equally waiting to meet you again.

If you will be able to withstand the distance from playing fields, lawns and any other place where you loved to let your legs dart, your arms dance and give voice to every part of your body.

If you will remain calm, despite the sacred need to flood your face with sunlight, caress your limbs with fresh air and touch every gift of nature with your brave fingers.

If you will have the strength to accept that sometimes life steals our time without anything we can do about it.

If you will have the patience to wait for the right moment to recover every day, minute and second that was up to you.

If you will be able to understand that nature, in all its disparate forms, can take away loved ones from us before our own eyes; but never from our heart, if we don't allow it.

If in this particular situation you will understand that school is not about desks and chairs, blackboards and classrooms, not even the building, but only you, your classmates and your teachers, those who live there and make it alive.

If you will know how to be passionate about filling time when it is more in your hands than others, and remember to do the same when exactly the opposite will happen.

If you will learn once and for all that happiness begins building it along the people you live every day with, the ones you wake up in the morning and share rest and dreams at night with.

If you will understand that true creativity is what you need when you can only dispose of the tools that are granted to you.

If you will grasp the idea, to keep it forever in you, that the only freedom nobody can ever take away from you is what you can love, grow and shine in the only space you have got.

If, especially in these times, you will keep in mind as the most precious of gifts that affection and understanding between people do not depend on the distance that separates them.

Finally, if you will treasure the things you have learned during these strange days, when we will go back walking and embracing each other without fear, you will be a stronger and happier person about the life he has; and if all that wasn't enough, the world will be yours again.

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