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I can breathe

Stories and News No. 1202   I can't breathe. Maybe because I just can’t or someone has decided, judged and sentenced that my life has come to an end. This may happen right now, but not suddenly, since there is nothing new in this legalized and generally tolerated misdeed. I cannot breathe were George Floyd’s last words on this earth. But he was not the first and sadly will not be the last to be killed with impunity, in spite of all human decency, even before its legal basis. #Icantbreathe is also a viral and passionate hashtag, to vent outrage and claim justice on the digital collective blackboard. I can't breathe became we can't suffer that without pushing back. it is the angry scream of a portion of humanity with the wrong melanin only a mad, pale look; citizens like the others on the paper, who overturn their resentment to the State they belong to, but that insists on institutionally raping them; since it does every holy day since it kidnapped their ance

Under the mask

Stories and News No. 1201   Once upon a time there was Cox’s Bazar, a city on the coast of southern Bangladesh, a fishing port, a tourist town and a seaside resort, whose beach is known to be among the most pristine in the world. Under the aegis of the second city of the state, Chittagong – now only administratively, Cox's Bazar was a land of conquest for many, from Tripuri to the Rakhine’s kings, up to foreign invaders, like Portuguese and British. The name is due to the last of such robberies, disguised by the culprits themselves and complicit history in the shape of a harmless commercial enterprise: the market of Captain Hiram Cox, in charge of managing the colonial possession. As you can see, there is much more to discover under the mask and beyond. And we are only at the beginning. In fact, making a leap in time here we are to the city hidden in the stolen one, divided between the Kutupalong and Nayapara camps, both reserved to Rohingya refugees. About a million peo

Health is wealth

Health is a right, health is everything, health is the most important thing in life, health is a precious good, health is the first thing. Health is wealth... Stories and News No. 1200   Once upon a time there was health. It was there and, for good luck of those who can enjoy it, it is still there. For all the others, perhaps it could be in the future, but not forever and we should to think about that every now and then. To tell the truth, it would be appropriate to keep in mind every day what unites us all, which concerns each individual. Among the various benefits of such a virtuous practice, we would not waste time and mind dividing each other. Well, health is like that, exactly like the current virus that is attacking it all over the world. It is a global issue which we are all connected to. Ultimately, it works a bit like happiness; it stays up there, it wants to be admired, while the rest of us outstretch his fingers wishing us not only to grasp it, but above all

In the limbo of migrants

Stories and News No. 1199   Hello, planet earth. We call you from the Limbo, but you may also think about it as a seemingly far away place. So, we are here, but also there, among the invisible cracks within human decency; over there, down there, or if you prefer sideways to the more convenient horizons - and we are still alive. We are, despite everything and everyone. Although over time the perception of existence has deteriorated so much that the detestable meaning of a mere survival is now only a memory. That is why we rely on the only certainties that remain: the beating heart, although at each toll it wonders whether it is appropriate to continue knocking on the world’s doors; the air that invades our lungs, although - conscious of how little clean oxygen it contains – it feels compassion for the rest of us; and our torn but indomitable imagination that persists in scrutinizing the surrounding universe in search of that phantom star called humanity. Marveled by this un