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Health is wealth

Health is a right, health is everything, health is the most important thing in life, health is a precious good, health is the first thing.
Health is wealth...

Stories and News No. 1200

Once upon a time there was health.
It was there and, for good luck of those who can enjoy it, it is still there.
For all the others, perhaps it could be in the future, but not forever and we should to think about that every now and then.
To tell the truth, it would be appropriate to keep in mind every day what unites us all, which concerns each individual. Among the various benefits of such a virtuous practice, we would not waste time and mind dividing each other.
Well, health is like that, exactly like the current virus that is attacking it all over the world. It is a global issue which we are all connected to.
Ultimately, it works a bit like happiness; it stays up there, it wants to be admired, while the rest of us outstretch his fingers wishing us not only to grasp it, but above all to hold it tightly in the hand and in every atom of the vulnerable body.
Nonetheless, like most human gifts, we fully understand its importance only when we risk to lose it. Yet the words to say it are there, within everyone's reach.

Dictionaries define it as a condition of efficiency of one's body organism which is experienced individually, according to age, as a state of relative physical and mental well-being characterized by the absence of serious disabling pathologies. A state of physical well-being and harmonious psychic balance of the human organism, as it is free from diseases, imperfections and organic or functional disorders.
However, more than ever in such a tragic situation that the whole world is experiencing, we are reminded that health is wealth. And as for money, real estate, shares on the stock exchange, gold, diamonds, barrels of oil and any other unit of measure for human prosperity, it also has varied and controversial origins and benefits.
It is the revenue earned honestly through a daily and conscious commitment taking caring of us and our loved ones; paying careful attention to the nourishment of the body as well as the mind, both to physical and spiritual hygiene.
But it is also the inherited fruit by mere chance of birth or simple kinship; as more or less lawful trading goods; indirect gift of a privileged environment which perhaps no contribution has been made to; quite the opposite, most of the time.
Equally similar to the most satisfied of monetary laws - money always goes where money is - health improves where there is health; and at the same time it worsens tragically where it is already precarious. Obviously, unless a rare but still effective action that seems to be called solidarity.
Similarly to money, health is often bought with health; sometimes it is purchased by paying with others’ health and that is the worst of human crimes; but extremely difficult to punish, like any evildoing whose evidence is hidden in the mirror that we look in the morning.
Some place it in ideal financial institutions, made specifically to make the most of the ease of a balanced breath, the harmony of moderate blood pressure and the friendliness of a rightly relaxed heart beat. It is only an illusion, of course, with the sole purpose of convincing us that nothing bad will ever happen to us; unless a pandemic, that’s right.
Health is the offering which we pay with, or not, for access to the places appointed to our service and to those of the community. This has always been the case, even before the queue for measuring the fever temperature at the entrance.
This has always been the life of most of humanity and the rest of us too, turned away from the unexpected, as long as it does not burn; perpetually focused on the favorite image uploaded to the desktop or the nicest mobile app.
Among other things, all underestimated, health is a woman, its fundamental essence and a guarantee of survival.
It is also the heart of each childhood, but you also read it as the most fragile and misunderstood of our common treasures.
Health is the only wealth.
Let's remember it, please, when we wiil start taking it for granted...

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