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Migrants Migrate Migrating

Stories and News No. 1206   Once upon a time a petty password, a shabby - anything but secret code, an irreverent mantra -more than sacred mantra, all in one abused, plural present participle: migrants. That is a shape shifting word depending on the decade, but of univocal meaning, in the truth of appropriately manipulated facts. In this regard, see also immigrant, clandestine and refugee. Cui prodest? This is the decisive question, as often happens in questions related to sinister and cynical interests. The answer is there, everybody may see it, without disturbing wise historians and authoritative translators of the controversial contemporaneity. It is shamefully simple and obtusely cyclical to materialize in time with electoral consultations. The current ones are italian regional elections, which should take place immediately after the summer, from 20 to 21 September. Well, as if moved by a sort of call to army for sleeping spies, Matteo Salvini and his associates immedi

Eviction Notice

Stories and News No. 1205   Hi everyone, dear planet neighbors, despite the illusion of distances. Here we are again at our residents' meetings. First of all, I need to say I am not the Building Manager. He left us suddenly, I'm sorry, and our prayers or simple thoughts are for him, I presume. On the other hand, today we are facing hard times, even if in the rest of the world it is ordinary life. However, this is not the moment for controversy. I said, I'm here to speak with no particular qualification. Nothing makes me more authoritative than the rest of you, and perhaps the seriousness of the situation lies on that too. Because when the danger affects everyone, well, the absence of worry and action makes further noise. In any case, I ask the secretary to take note of the discussion, hoping that the result of this meeting may be useful to posterity. Or, without going so far, to the simple visitors of the following day. Oops, silly me... there is no secretary

Of statues and other embarrassing honors

Stories and News No. 1204   So we do, and so we did in the world that preceded us. Beginning - or rather ending, a second ago. In suspicious times we used to raise and inaugurate statues and busts, monuments of all types and shapes, sizes and presumed artistic value, among the most classic or daring obelisks, mausoleums and sculptures; not to mention simple plaques, medals and dedicated roads. Then, with the passage of time, it happens that the facts recounted by the daily narration contradict the version credited to History. Consequently, as if trying to correct the inappropriate celebration of the infamous, rather than infamy, we do the contrary. Because we have done so in past times which we are all children of. I refer to the moment when we gather around statues and busts, monuments of all types and shapes, sizes and presumed artistic value, among obelisks, mausoleums and among the most classic or daring sculptures, not to mention simple plaques, medals and dedicated road

Every six seconds

Stories and News No. 1203   Every six seconds. Every six seconds, the time to slowly inhale the air in the lungs and to savor the essential and most underestimated conditioned act. Just six seconds, the time to exhale what remains of the human ritual, which we nourish both organs and life with, before whose connection we are still like infants in the presence of the immeasurable vastness of the celestial vault. In such neglected six seconds, the overrated species we are part of, dares to erase an entire primary forest as large as a football pitch, from the sacred natural design. That's exactly what happened in the past year. And well, the current assumptions make us think that we will even be able to beat this horrible record. Every six cursed seconds... Take a breath, then, and let’s recite together the time of such an insane misdeed: one, two, three, four, five and... six! Delete it, and yet another environmental work of art disappears in front of our eyes and fr