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Every six seconds

Stories and News No. 1203
Every six seconds.
Every six seconds, the time to slowly inhale the air in the lungs and to savor the essential and most underestimated conditioned act.
Just six seconds, the time to exhale what remains of the human ritual, which we nourish both organs and life with, before whose connection we are still like infants in the presence of the immeasurable vastness of the celestial vault.
In such neglected six seconds, the overrated species we are part of, dares to erase an entire primary forest as large as a football pitch, from the sacred natural design.

That's exactly what happened in the past year. And well, the current assumptions make us think that we will even be able to beat this horrible record.
Every six cursed seconds...
Take a breath, then, and let’s recite together the time of such an insane misdeed: one, two, three, four, five and... six! Delete it, and yet another environmental work of art disappears in front of our eyes and from all the dreams which we could have relied on.
A football pitch… how big is it? Let's try to be magnanimous with ourselves and limit ourselves to the minimum size of a soccer pitch, about four thousand square meters.
Four times a thousand square meters of wonderful trees and precious water, priceless living creatures, no less worthy of consideration in the total terrestrial plot, and every single, tiny and also infinitesimal fragment of the planet whose value we have not yet fully understood. From one to six, and... puff! Everything disappeared as if it had never existed, since human foolishness is the most treacherous among the spells: it attacks eye and memory at the same time. And when we end up forgetting the very best we had for free, we will help those who want us to pay for the worst.
This foolishly tolerated abomination has been perpetrated in some parts of the world, such as Bolivia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia and Peru. However, there is one nation in particular that alone has made itself responsible for a third of such misunderstood forms of planetary suicide: Jair Bolsonaro’s Brazil, the man - not in the human sense - guilty of accelerating this perverse self-destruction.
How such a mockingly grotesque living species we are. The nation of football is the greatest devourer of forests as vast as its pitch.
Every six absurd seconds...
Let's imagine, then, to collapse in a single space, and in a single time, those that we have already burned in the year that preceded us: more than thirty one million seconds, or five million and more of football pitches that vanish all together.
In six terrible seconds...
Here we are, let’s move the living clock’s hands back and sit on the stands to horrify, rather than admire, in front of these crazy matches with an already written outcome.
One second and... let's hurry to look, because on that field there are our children running behind a ball with the shape and colours of a planet they will never see again.
Two seconds and... let's turn to watch them climbing the branches of a tree or even just in the act of embracing it like the brother that everyone, no one excluded, could feel free to love as such.
Three seconds... and let’s still rejoice for a short while seeing them lying on a meadow to be lulled by the rhythm of a huge wounded heart, which every existing creature depends on, even the most stupid and ignorant ones.
Four seconds... and let's envy them - yes, it is so, while they dive into the water of a river or lake without fear of what has generated everyone, even the most cowardly among us.
Five seconds and... let's hurry if we want to join the albeit short nostalgic party, because time is running out and we were the first to strangle it.
Six seconds... and let's be silent now, because the magic is over and it's all true.
How true it is that we are still here, despite little merit and an infinite number of faults, and that we have incredibly in our hands the possibility of freeing ourselves from the mad assassins of beauties that we entrusted our fragile destiny on an inauspicious day.

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