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Eviction Notice

Stories and News No. 1205
Hi everyone, dear planet neighbors, despite the illusion of distances.
Here we are again at our residents' meetings.
First of all, I need to say I am not the Building Manager. He left us suddenly, I'm sorry, and our prayers or simple thoughts are for him, I presume.
On the other hand, today we are facing hard times, even if in the rest of the world it is ordinary life.
However, this is not the moment for controversy. I said, I'm here to speak with no particular qualification. Nothing makes me more authoritative than the rest of you, and perhaps the seriousness of the situation lies on that too. Because when the danger affects everyone, well, the absence of worry and action makes further noise.
In any case, I ask the secretary to take note of the discussion, hoping that the result of this meeting may be useful to posterity. Or, without going so far, to the simple visitors of the following day.
Oops, silly me... there is no secretary whatsoever, since I also play that role undeservedly. Well, I do not give up and transcribe, hoping not to get too lost in chatter.
I go to the point on the agenda: people in charge of institutions such as the United Nations, the international section of the WWF and the World Health Organization have recently declared that pandemics such as coronavirus are the result of the destruction of nature by us, even if we have ignored this harsh reality for decades; most of the viruses that have severely affected us in the past originated from animal species under conditions of strong environmental pressure; for example,

through the illegal and unsustainable trade of wild animals, the daily destruction of basic forests and other green areas and the slow but inexorable depletion of earth's resources.
Before listening your opinions about that, I would like to invite all of us to consider the current contingency - nobody should feel excluded and privileged, holding their envelope.
Watch it with me, now. You’ve got it, do not pretend anything. Be brave, those who need glasses wear them, and those who simply have to approach the writing, just do it. You read the recipient, don't you? There is written To the (polite) attention of all humanity.
Well, please, don't get touchy for the polite within parentheses, okay? We have been anything but kind since we settled in this wonderful building called nature. We do not even pay the rental costs for water, electricity and heating. Not to mention those for repairs and replacements, moreover caused by damage and wear of our direct responsibility.
Anyway, let’s not lose time on such trifles, okay? This is not right, and perhaps it never was. Let’s open the envelope carefully, not breaking the contents, please. We have to keep it intact, so maybe we could come read it later when we will be more awake. The message that has been sent to us requires the maximum of our concentration, and even more, where possible. On the other hand, the writing on the envelope - “very urgent” and to “handle with extreme caution” - are unequivocal.
Here, now I have the letter in front of me. Do you have it too? Well. I take the silence for a yes. So I proceed to declare aloud the subject of this unavoidable communication: eviction notice number...
Sorry, I can't keep going. I can’t stand it, I suffer too much at the thought of the enormous price in quantities of human lives that this type of warning entails.
No, please, sir... forgive me, but that letter is not just for waving your face... I understand it’s hot, today, but, you see, things are connected, do you understand? Why don't you understand what's most basic about us?
We are all connected and I am not talking about virtual handshakes, digital clouds and enthusiastic happenings of supportive hashtags. I am not referring to the beautifully retouched profiles that we are taught to consider as tangible identities. We are all connected with everything. And what we are neglecting, raping and massacring is the latter. While, with each passing day, we focus more and more on ourselves. Or nothing, as long as it's viral.
Well, I have concluded. I hope I have been concise and effective. I have been, haven't I? Please tell me so. Let me at least deceive myself about that, because I have the bad feeling that our building meeting has already been over for a while and that I have done nothing but talk by myself...

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