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Seeking wonder

Stories and News No. 1209
Recently I have had the opportunity to read that Covid-19 pandemic was a sort of general test of the world’s end. It could be, I consider it a reasonable observation, but in my humble opinion – especially regarding the lockdown – it is also an extreme and caricatured representation of our own present, not just the future.
Occasionally I happen to think back to those days when in Italy we almost all lived locked at home, with windows or balconies as the only glances granted to the outside world. In addition, of course, to the digital portholes to explore the chaotic backdrops of the World Wide Web and, more than anything else, the much underestimated imagination. But you may also call it as the ever free internet, infinite until proven otherwise and capable of connecting anyone with anyone in any place and time.
Italian lockdown has ended, although I am convinced that some of us is still trapped at home, on the embalmed sofa in front of the TV, on the bed staring at the ceiling looking for an exit, in front of the mirror in the vain waiting the other saying a word or maybe at the table in the kitchen hoping that the lunch will never end. But safe, or with the idea of being so, thanks to armored doors, railings on the windows and even garlic. As we might say, it's not true... but I protect myself.
Not true. Which means it is false, it is a lie, it is the result of an oversight, an invention or even

someone else's cheat. Of someone who, more or less authorized by us, has got the right to tell us what is happening outside our trusted caves.
For this reason, if you cross the threshold of your apartment or suddenly lose the freedom to do so, I think that our generation was born in lockdown. And despite having experienced the embrace of the sun on our skin if it mixes with sea water, once lying on the towel after a nice bath, many made the choice to give up the real meeting in exchange for a mendacious and illusory dramatization of living. All provided that it was harmless, as it could happen in a movie or a video game.

In such a case, I am not surprised that United States, United Kingdom and Russia are not listed on the group of countries blocked by italian government due to the risk of Coronavirus’ spread. Even if they are on first places in the world ranking for number of positive patients and deaths. Above all, no one has yet decided to point it out...

I am not surprised to learn that not only the essential is invisible to our eyes, as the little prince would say, but also what is simply human and in need of help.

I am not shocked by reading that among the various topics to think about that the pandemic suggested there is our incomprehensible and ostentatious blindness in front of the colossal crisis that contains all the others: global warming and climate change.
I am no longer stunned, by now, by the parasites of others’ misfortunes and their cruel job to get likes and possibly votes.

That's why we should get out of bed every day trying to open our eyes more, every morning more. That's why we need to read new and above all different stories as much as possible. This is why we should often cover our mouths with a special mask, composed of dutiful curiosity and healthy empathy, and listen to others with the right attention.
Because we may still be wondered before other people, and maybe for something good.
We don't have much time, right now, but there is still some before sunset...

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