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Why do we migrate?

Stories and News No. 1208
Why do we migrate?
I mean all of us, nobody should feel immobile.
Why do we leave the country, the place, the exact point on the map where we are, to move further, elsewhere, over there, as long as it is not here?
You could avoid conversing with me on such a crucial issue, and maybe get carried away by the usual and punctual train, subtly powered by instrumental lies. But if instead you want to reason on the fundamental question, instead of being

anesthetized by the best-selling answers, that is, false and only apparently free, I promise you that I will try to make it simple, like a short story.
Let's say your home is the world. Although for many out there, it is exactly like that.
Let's imagine that this brief tale lasts one day. We choose a day of celebration, without particular and routine commitments, in order to make the plot less banal. Even if, the incipit can only be taken for granted, I admit, thinking about the awakening of the average citizen deprived of the obligation by the watch.
Thus, due to the caress of a ray of sunshine, the inappropriate steps of someone outside the room – or the apartment itself – the usual noises of the city, the eyelids are raised and the story begins.
You pull yourself up and realize you're sweating. The night was hot and the sultry morning that welcomes you does not portend anything different for the rest of the day.
You put on your slippers and get up. It is time to move on, now. To make the first taken for granted trip: the one towards the bathroom, to satisfy the most basic of primary needs.
Well, dear pilgrim brother, leaving out the specificity of that biological urgency, here is the first reason why people migrate: need. What am I saying? I don't give credit to the real drama if I don't use the plural: needs. All the needs you can imagine among the basic ones. Imagine finding yourself, I'm not saying one or two, but with each of the human, basic unmet needs. In addition, add also the climatic change that in your case disturb sleep and little else, and that some obtuse people still insist on minimizing. In this situation, you would migrate, would you? And you would also do it running with your head down, believe me.
Nonetheless, imagine finding someone at the bathroom entrance telling you that you cannot go in. Saying that you do not have the papers and not even the human right to cross the threshold. A nightmare, isn't it? Yeah, but think if you were awake instead...
Anyway, once your morning problem is solved, you retrace your steps and you do what? You migrate again, traveling friend, you migrate. Because the throat is dry, but you don't despair at all. Because you know that at the price of a few meters of shuffling steps on the parquet floor of your slippers – flip flops of these months – you will come to the undervalued realm of the kitchen and its wonderful gifts. Among all, a tap with drinking water and a refrigerator, more or less full of clean and fresh food.
Nonetheless, at this point you can easily guess a further reason why millions of people, not to say a thousand times as many, give up their bed and the little more they have: a magic knob – but you may also call it mixer, the portentous is even bigger – and a fairy door. You turn the first one and could find out what it means to be able to quench your thirst like an annoying fly whenever you want. You may open the latter and the promised land, with its fruits, is so near the stomach.
Nevertheless, let's imagine that at the entrance of the aforementioned realm you find shady characters, free to beat you up and drive you back into the real nightmare where you believed that dreaming of escaping from the latter was normal. And above all, humanly understandable.
But your luck is that you are just passing through the lines of a harmless story. That’s why, after drinking and having breakfast, you are going to migrate again. Again and again, from one room to another, real or virtual, these days. Then, not satisfied with that, you take advantage of the privilege of the movement, received only by chance from fate, and prepare to continue the journey beyond the borders of the world called home – wherever your desire, bold or virtuous, and the needs of the moment will guide you, from infinitely high to the most miserable one. And at every limit of your habitual wandering between one world and another, you do not even contemplate for a fraction of a second to find yourself suddenly facing an impassable wall. Otherwise, you, you would hit the floor with your feet and scream with anger at the undoubted abuse. Because existing means being able to move from one second to another, from one centimeter to another, from one life to another.
At the end of the day, then, you will enjoy without any awareness of the benefit of being able to go back to where it all began. And you will fall asleep more or less restless, but with that minimum of serenity due to the knowledge that the next day, once you will open your eyes, what makes you immensely lucky will still be reachable...

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