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Suarez italian test Jus Soli's children story

Stories and News No. 1213 Once upon a time hundreds of thousands of children in Italy. Hundreds of thousands, almost a million, of children born in Italy from non italian parents. According to the actual italian law, the Jus sanguinis, they won’t be able to be italian citizens before 18 years old. In the meantime, they live here, going at school, hundreds of thousands of children and young people, but you may also say almost a million, they exist. Then, suddenly, the miracle happened. Like a single firework in the open sky, during the day and not on a particular festive and celebratory occasion. The children called it Suarez's gift , the fable of a mirage that becomes real. By mistake, maybe, probably by scam, to be honest, but what matters in any fairy tale – or miracle – what matters is the effect on those who feel it more in their lives. The news quickly occupied the front pages of all the newspapers: to obtain the much desired citizenship it would have been enough to pronou

The empty half of the school desk

Stories and News No. 1212 Once upon a time there was the desk. Like the school one, on wheels or not, old and new, as long as you can imagine the classroom that hosts it, the whole school and everything you can remember for sure. Because you have been there, you have lived part of your life there, or because perhaps the fruit of mutual love – or mere passion – he or she is in turn living this particular, delicate and fundamental phase in their personal journey. Do you see the desk? Can you touch it with your fantasy’s fingers, hopefully surviving the digital dream suckers and horizons burners called social networks? Well, I presume you will easily agree with me that, like the chairs, the blackboards of the past and their erasers, or a cold IWB and the ever-present teaching post, is just a piece of furniture, a fragment of a special show’s schenography, where the brave protagonists, called students and professors, minimizing their value somewhat, are the meaning of everything. To

Willy Monteiro Duarte killing: when a black is killed in Italy

Stories and News No. 1211   When a black is killed in Italy . The story is all here. The story in the news . The latter’s storytelling and of an entire country, which insisted in strenuously trying to hide behind empty speeches, composed of empty words and phrases such as the heart that gave birth to them. Because when a black is killed from whites in Italy, for the majority of people the ignoble chatter counts more than a lost life. As an undisputed proof of this, when a white man is killed by the blacks, the barking and new fascist company is united in a compact and harmonious chorus: bad Blacks and kisses and hugs to the poor white man! Because – after all – in Italy the Blacks are bad until proven otherwise for everyone. Let's be honest, at least here, right? Let's face it. Because that was true yesterday and it will be so tomorrow. It is inside the character’s biography that we came up with, come on. As a variant of the worst interpretation, Blacks are criminal

I would like a vaccine

Stories and News No. 1210   I would like a vaccine. Not the one for Covid-19, which many are rightly waiting. I would like a vaccine of a special kind, good for viruses and diseases of an even more subtle type than the one that is sadly claiming victims in enormous quantities in most of the world. These are much less lethal illnesses in the short term, I know, and for this reason equally less feared by most. However, more than ever at this moment in my life, this awareness does not diminish the desire to enjoy an antidote against such particular pathologies. That is, the so-called pathogens, spreaders of the relative disease. Let me be clear, I am not claiming full immunity, because it would be unacceptable in those who, like myself, aspire to relate with an open mind and heart with the daily facts of life. But, how can I say, I would appreciate a drug that can help me overcome the inevitable infection. I would like this vaccine, then. I would like it to allow me to remind