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I would like a vaccine

Stories and News No. 1210
I would like a vaccine.
Not the one for Covid-19, which many are rightly waiting.
I would like a vaccine of a special kind, good for viruses and diseases of an even more subtle type than the one that is sadly claiming victims in enormous quantities in most of the world. These are much less lethal illnesses in the short term, I know, and for this reason equally less feared by most. However, more than ever at this moment in my life, this awareness does not diminish the desire to enjoy an antidote against such particular pathologies. That is, the so-called pathogens, spreaders of the relative disease.
Let me be clear, I am not claiming full immunity, because it would be unacceptable in those who, like myself, aspire to relate with an open mind and heart with the daily facts of life. But, how can I say, I would appreciate a drug that can help me overcome the inevitable infection.
I would like this vaccine, then.
I would like it to allow me to remind myself with lightning punctuality – whenever I find it in front of my eyes – that much we find on the web are not newspapers, despite the name, offering real news about facts, but something else, doing something else, and there lies the danger for the readers.
I would also like a vaccine that would make me close my eyes and, without showing any sign of the time elapsed, would allow me to reopen them to live in a country whose the government’s leader, when someone dares to exploit migrants and refugees to hide his own inadequacy, instead of humoring him, he admonished him with a clear and thunderous voice, rejecting his vulgar racism without ifs and buts.
At the same time, I would like this vaccine to help me immediately identify the really noteworthy news, despite being relegated to the smaller areas of the daily narrative of events.
I would like it to show me not only the unpleasantness and sadness of the facts, but even the slightest hint of suggestions on how to prevent them.
Yes, I know, what I dream of is an extraordinary vaccine, but while I am here I would like it to instill in me a pinch of faith, which is now in short supply in myself, that the news about the umpteenth murder of a black person by the police had some kind of enlightening action on the brain of the unconscious racists.
And, last but not least, I would like it to massively counter the pessimism that surrounds me when I find myself reading the same tragedies every day, as if they were inevitable punishments inflicted by fate on the unfortunate of this world, and not the consequence of an entire society’s inhumanity.
I'd like a vaccine for all of that, and more. But then I leave my desk, I take a walk through the streets of the city, I calmly observe the time and place I was destined to, I breathe and absorb once again the world that remains, and I remember that the lockdown of my mind and my heart, of the imagination and the desire to change things, it is a choice only ours.
And so, as always, I start over.

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