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Willy Monteiro Duarte killing: when a black is killed in Italy

Stories and News No. 1211
When a black is killed in Italy.
The story is all here. The story in the news. The latter’s storytelling and of an entire country, which insisted in strenuously trying to hide behind empty speeches, composed of empty words and phrases such as the heart that gave birth to them.
Because when a black is killed from whites in Italy, for the majority of people the ignoble chatter counts more than a lost life.
As an undisputed proof of this, when a white man is killed by the blacks, the barking and new fascist company is united in a compact and harmonious chorus: bad Blacks and kisses and hugs to the poor white man! Because – after all – in Italy the Blacks are bad until proven otherwise for everyone.
Let's be honest, at least here, right? Let's face it. Because that was true yesterday and it will be so tomorrow. It is inside the character’s biography that we came up with, come on. As a variant of the worst interpretation, Blacks are criminals and slackers, dirty and uncivilized people, dishonest and disrespectful, ignorant and, more than anything else, squatters of a land that is not and never will be theirs.
At best, in the incredibly bitter moral of our story, they are the ones who die. Whose existences quickly disappear from the screenplay, like typos or redundant words that slow down the plot and which you should get rid of with easy carelessness during the revision phase.
Thus, a few days after the barbaric murder of a young man of twenty-one, while the warmth of the hearts and flames of the torches of those who marched in Paliano can still be felt - the only one who has managed to warm the cold I feel - we are already beginning to talk more about the “terrible” aggression suffered by Matteo Salvini (see the case from a black woman ...).
Then the most urgent question becomes for some to defend at all costs the good name of Mixed Martial Arts, in short MMA.
Yet, to notice the evident caption of this painful story, it would be enough to read the racist comments that gradually appeared on the web in the hours following the murder. You know what? But you know, they are there every day, every hour, minute, second, on and off the internet...
The only statement that has comforted me, from my personal point of view, is from Ghali: dear colleagues, the rapper asks, why don't you talk?
Well, if you want, I'll answer, my friend. Your colleagues do not talk about it, but also their relatives, friends or simple acquaintances, because in this cursed matter of Whites and Blacks, we are all accountable in this country.
All guilty. All a little bit murderous and all a little racist. Indeed, in this case, not a little, but a lot. Well, until we begin to admit it every single day, at least to ourselves, as the incipit of each discourse on civil tolerance, peaceful coexistence and the dutiful respect for those who are different from us, of blacks and even whites we will still see many others falling under the blows of the dullest hatred. And a moment later, we will again see shameful carousels like this...

PS: Italian Black Lives Matter

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