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Duty of uniting and freedom of dividing

Stories and News No. 1218 Once upon a time a story that, in order to understand it better, I need to tell it from the very beginning. To do so, I need a starting point that makes the opening words exhaustive and facilitating any subsequent thought that is reasonable. Once upon a time, therefore, the first chapter, which happened in September 2012, when the French weekly Charlie Hebdo - in conjunction with the release of the controversial film Innocenze of Muslims - published some cartoons portraying and mocking the prophet Mohammed. The drawings had great spread, and obviously protests and threats were everywhere. In France and throughout, many stood up for the freedom of satire and in vehement defense of the right of cartoonists to mock anyone, but the French foreign minister Laurent Fabius criticized the timing of the magazine, accusing the latter to throw fuel into the fire. Despite my support for freedom of expression in all forms, I found myself in agreement with the minister.

What we left behind to the Children of Kabwe

Stories and News No. 1217 Once upon a time an anomalous wave. A sort of train that runs only forward and, most of the time, does not stop at the designated stations. Since in this world having purchased the ticket, as well as arrived on time on the quay, it does not guarantee you will get on board. Once upon a time its locomotive, which by aiming for the stars, without neglecting Mars and every reachable planet, forgets the essential stuff, like the frozen sea that no longer freezes . Because, like everything else, it has got the worst fault: it is now behind us, irremediably in the past, which sooner or later will come knocking on our door in the future, demanding justice. The aforementioned engine of this abnormal procession, which almost everyone on this planet is following since more than a century, has no name, but it certainly has fine sponsors and financiers. What is not in question is the nationality of the colossal tow, an ambiguously double one: Anglo-American. Everything

Playing Horns, Trumpets and Raspberries in Kurdish banned in Turkey

Stories and News No. 1216 Turkey bans the adaptation of a play by Dario Fo into Kurdish for terrorist propaganda Istanbul, Turkey (2020, incredibly...) To all European and non-European citizenship, close to the border or for alliance’s reasons, joined for simple economic or strategic interest, that is, tolerant and silencing for personal gain. This is the auctioneer speaking. By unquestionable order of the Authorities, as well as on behalf of the Magnificent and Illustrious, as well as Untouchable, President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, the following order is announced: First , honking the horn , on any occasion and place, with a noise somehow belonging to the Kurdish language, is absolutely forbidden. Therefore, before buying cars, motorcycles and alike, please, check the language of the aforementioned device. Second , having the chance to move your lips close to the well-known instrument commonly called trumpet and, once blown into it, you find yourself surprised hearing any of the seve

World Championship of Death Sellers: updated ranking

Stories and News No. 1215 Well, our show could begin like this: ladies and gentlemen, here we are at the usual appointment with the world championship of death-selling countries. Today we are going to tell you the updated ranking. Well, after all, we are not on video, but on a page (and perhaps it is no coincidence, given the inconvenience of the topic...). So, to rectify: dear readers, we are going to present you the official ranking on the most important tournament in the world, ignored and underestimated. However, to be honest, considering the peculiar sporting specialty - if we want to call it that - it is a generally masculine issue, this. Therefore, the introduction becomes: dear men, welcome to the race of races, the one that more than any others decides the fate of each generation and any place on earth. We are on the air, that is on paper, to report our two rankings appropriately compiled based on recent updates . Let's start immediately with the one relating to the ri

White privilege in Italy and other advantages

Stories and News No. 1214 Here is the count of privileges. Undoubted advantages at birth, received without any merit whatsoever, which make the difference between a small, lucky minority and the majority of humanity. Maybe, it would be appropriate to be aware of them before opening your mouth and giving breath to every instinct or emotion, rather than a reasoned thought. What privileges? Well, your question makes me think… Anyway, here is the Decalogue: 1 You are white 2 You are male 3 You are a citizen with all the right papers of an European nation - apart from the poorest ones - or the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand too 4 You are an adult, because the respect for the rights and needs of children seems to be a matter still far from becoming a priority all over the world...  5 You had at least one parent who could take care of you 6 You had a family that allowed you to study 7 You had - and maybe still have - family members who have helped you financially, subsid