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World Championship of Death Sellers: updated ranking

Stories and News No. 1215

Well, our show could begin like this: ladies and gentlemen, here we are at the usual appointment with the world championship of death-selling countries. Today we are going to tell you the updated ranking. Well, after all, we are not on video, but on a page (and perhaps it is no coincidence, given the inconvenience of the topic...). So, to rectify: dear readers, we are going to present you the official ranking on the most important tournament in the world, ignored and underestimated. However, to be honest, considering the peculiar sporting specialty - if we want to call it that - it is a generally masculine issue, this. Therefore, the introduction becomes: dear men, welcome to the race of races, the one that more than any others decides the fate of each generation and any place on earth. We are on the air, that is on paper, to report our two rankings appropriately compiled based on recent updates. Let's start immediately with the one relating to the richest deal of 2019. At first place there is - drum rolling - Russia, with the sale of 6 Akula submarines to India for 3.3 billion euros. Silence please, let the do-gooders out of the room. What does it mean that India is forced to face violence and poverty and then spends billions on four submarines? This is the usual demagogy. Moreover, the submarines are six and not four, jeez. Let's just stop with interruptions, please. At second place the inevitable United States, which sold combat ships to Saudi Arabia for one billion and 950 million dollars. At third place Brazil, which collected $932 million from Portugal for five tactical transport aircraft. Well, you know how much the Portuguese need tactical aircraft these days... Oops, who was it to make this last comment? Ignore it, please. At fourth place there is still Russia, which took over $540 million from Malaysia in exchange for fighter jets, and at fifth place again the US, which sold four war aircraft to Norway for $595 million. But now we come to the highlight of the evening, which is the top ten of the major exporters of death from 2010 to 2019. At first place there are, as now every year, the unattainable United States of America, with almost 350 billion dollars. At the second we have the United Kingdom. With its hundred million and more dollars has surpassed Russia at third, enriched with a slightly lower figure. At fourth there is France with about seventy billion, at fifth there is Germany with twenty-five and at sixth, around twenty billions, there is Italy. Israel, Canada, Spain and Sweden follow. Well, that's all for today. Have you taken note? Great. Continue to follow us, to bet on us, and allow us to profit from the conflicts in every corner of the planet without being hurt. Thank you so much, because since the world began, wars and silence on how and why are made it is gold. Indeed, billions of dollars...

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