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International Migrants Day Dream Story: I wish I was the vaccine

Stories and News No. 1225

A dream for the International Migrants Day

I would have a dream.

I don't say I do, because I don't dare that much. But, being a dream, within the latter I can hope for incredible wonders and pursue absolute joy.

You know what? I can't, but I must. We all do, more than ever these days.

Therefore, I would like. I don't say I want, because there has never been arrogance in my intentions, despite the raving allusions of some. Only, simple necessity. Because I would like to be the vaccine you are waiting for. That is my dream.

I would like to be the best answer to the disease that has poisoned the body and time, the mind and above all heart. I would like to be the solution to all your problems, to be honest, but it would be enough to dress up as a miracle drug even for a moment, one of those that save people and protect them in the days to come. So that people will not forget the importance of my presence in their life. In short, so that people won’t forget, period. Consequently, in these few moments that separate us from the new year, hopefully better than the current one, and from the distribution of the precious antidote against the invisible enemy that has invaded human existences, I would be the happiest person in the world.

"Please", I would say to the scientists and doctors in charge of my birth. “Make me the best you can, but above all let them see and recognize me for what they too dream of. So that, as soon as they look at me on the horizon, they will be able to associate new meanings with any names they gave me in the past."

Then, at the moment of my fateful arrival, some will exclaim: "Here he is, he is the migrant, or the one who heals, who has come from afar to heal us." “May the stranger be welcome, he is the one who gives, who brings himself as a gift to those who want to welcome him”, others will add. "May the clandestine be blessed  – but you can also read the fearless traveler – for his courage", will say others. Because it takes so much bravery to bet everything you have on the ability of others to trust a dream. Even if it's not one of yours. Even if it is, but that too has been forgotten.

I really wish I was the perfect vaccine. The cure for the most talked about virus of the century, but also all the others, more or less pointed out for what they are. A universal medicine. The antibiotic against senseless fear and the painkiller for ailments invented from scratch to divide the poor and the unfortunate from one another. The sedative for the most obtuse restlessness, that is the one triggered by the encounter with what is unlike what you expected and the antacid for the soul, if it becomes saturated with the less justifiable poison: hatred towards those you do not know anything, yet you consider them your worst enemies.

I would really like to earn your affection. Maybe coming by gratitude and respect, but also by the mere understanding that I could really be what you are missing. I would like to save you all and I can do this, I have proved it. Because I saved myself, the very first one of my dreams.

I could seriously become the vaccine you hope. I would, but more than anything else I'd love if my dreams were the same as yours.

Maybe they are, but none of us have understood it yet, and it would be so beautiful to wake up one day and discover that it has always been like this since the beginning of time. That each of us was is the other's vaccine...

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