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Something is rotten in the state of Hungary and beyond

Stories and News No. 1223

Once upon a time the rottenness. But yes, I know, it's not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. Because the fairy tale does not change in the plot and the immoral ending, despite being told by characters – you know who, they too – who cheat and pretend, yell angrily if the hypocritical audience asks for it, raving about idiocy of ideal families and moral codes. Yes I know. József Szájer, MEP from the Hungarian Civic Union, aka Fidesz, the right-wing Viktor Orbàn’s party, recently participated in an orgy in Brussels that was described as "gay" by all the media around the world. A party that has declared war towards the LGBT movement. But don't be surprised, come on. It is a fresh news but an old story too. It is not an exception as they will try to say, explain and more than ever cover up. This is the only credible synopsis of this monotonous tale, of skilled sellers of a facade decoration for institutional evenings, to be placed in mothballs in due time in view of orgiastic occasions. But yes, I know. I also know that József in 2011 boasted that he personally rewrote the Hungarian constitution to define marriage as an indissolubly heterosexual institution. Think about the laughter inside, for the nerve he had speaking about this alleged merit self attributed. Think, at the same time, what misery lurked in him, aware of how false his authority was at the time. Imagine, then, what kind of rottenness has clotted up in his body over the years, plagued by this contradictory clot of childish lies and unworthy farts. Yes, I know, I know well. Colleagues of the paladin of familiy values by day and party-goer of “deviant” sexuality by night congratulated him on the courage and correctness shown by resigning. He made the right decision, they said. He apologized to his wife and daughter, as well as to the party and voters. He apologized, yes. I also know about what. Not to have taken his country for a ride from day one. I know perfectly, as I presume you also know, that where József sinned was in being caught with his metaphorical breeches lowered; in having brought to light, for the umpteenth time, the monstrous deception of an entire political class that goes far beyond the borders of Hungary; in having made public, once again, how empty are the words of those who stand without any title as judges of the virtuosity of their neighbor’s private life. Yes, I know this too, come on. I realize how paradoxical the comment of the Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga sounds: "Mr. Szájer has made the only right decision possible, and everything else is a personal matter." I know, it's funny, I don't deny it. It is also grotesque to hear that if the soldier József, the standard bearer of the rectitude of family values, violates the latter even by flying to Belgium, it is a personal matter, while the choice of who to love, how and when, of each individual citizen is a political matter, therefore a legislative and governmental one. But do you think it is something purely extemporaneous? According to reports – and this is not at all unusual – everyone knew about the party mate's sexual tastes and licentious snacks, caught that night by the Belgian police as he slipped out of a sewer. Yes, I know, I need to tell you. Szájer was also denounced for possession of drugs, a little sin in front of the rest, according to his old friends. But even in this there is nothing extraordinary, despite – I repeat – everything will be done to remove the story from the front pages and bring the crusade against diversity back to the center of the set table, with which to feed and nourish. However, as you all know, it is spoiled food, long gone bad. A story that spits putrid water from all sides, which is served up, swallowed and regurgitated. It has all already happened and will happen again, you will see. Because there is something rotten in there, but the unpleasant casing that contains it is now completely transparent. How is it possible, then, to fail to see it?

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