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Migrants holocaust remembrance day

Stories and News No. 1228

For me today will be a kind of remembrance day, but with a lowercase initial letter. Without detracting from the most famous one, don’t be wrong. Because remembering the stains of human history is an invaluable value in any case.

Therefore, today is the day remembrance the day after. Hoping that the attention of the most celebrated recurrence, inviting us all to not repeat the horrors of the past, may share some of its precious light of warning and thoughts about every infamy carried out by our overrated species.

So, to be more precise, today is the remembrance day eight years later, but also the day before yesterday, when my country was found guilty: Italy has failed in its duty to protect human life by delaying a rescue mission for a boat that sank in the Mediterranean on 11 October 2013. This was the indisputable judgment of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. To help us think with total silence, it is sufficient to listen to this: if the Italian authorities had immediately sent their own warship and those of the coast guard after distress calls, the rescue would take place at the latest two hours before the boat sank... 

That's why for me today is the migrants holocaust remembrance day, wrecked in the waves of the so called “mare nostrum”. Because, even without saying it aloud, it will be tomorrow and every day to come too.

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