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Trump impeachment and social expulsions with expired time

Stories and News No. 1226

Today, just six days from Biden's inauguration, US President Donald Trump will be subjected to impeachment for the second time during his term, following as many bans by the main social networks he has used for his personal interest so far.

However, think about what effect it would have had on the whole world if social networks had decided, with the same unanimity of these days, to ban the profile of the most powerful man in the world, guilty of spreading hate and division since his very first post.

I am not saying really the first, but after hundred racist or sexist claims, hurting the dignity of the weakest and their human rights, especially the most vulnerable people, on the man's seat that should be the most responsible on the planet in every gesture, let alone in words.

Well, perhaps our world today would be different, because four years ago we would have woken up in the morning connected to a society able at its most influential levels to see that what is said everywhere cannot depend on how many votes or followers the man has got, but the consequences that those words can have on others.

Maybe it's not just Trump who deserves an impeachment...

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