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Fair distribution of vaccines for every human being

Stories and News No. 1230

Once upon a time the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19.

Indeed, no. I start over. I never particularly liked the word against. I prefer for.

So, once upon a time the distribution of vaccines for...

Well, reasoning with a minimum criterion of reality, the things become difficult. Extremely easy with a bit of imagination, but the human kind, according to the most natural of meanings.

Thus, we could complete the opening words as follows: once upon a time the distribution of vaccines for every human being.

We are talking about this, right? Of our fellow people. About that, I recall what that smart guy on zoom said the other day... no, quite the contrary, she was a wise lady during a face to face meeting in the last century, since it is such an atavistic and trite concept: a global problem can only be solved with a global answer. Otherwise, it would be like hiding the classic dust under the carpet, out the border, over the ocean, on the other side of the wall, you choose.

Nonetheless, in the rough real world it happens that the United Nations reported with the most shared concern that at least 130 countries in the world have not yet received a single dose of the vaccine. What will be the standard to justify this wildly unfair – as defined by the UN, unequal distribution for of all human beings?

What? Didn't I say “all” before? Oops, I apologize, but I took it for granted. I know, despite my age, I still take too many things for granted and I am so naive that I am surprised every time. In any case, I repeat, what is the condition in the gigantic queue up to the counter where to receive the precious life-saving medicine?

In other words, where are most of the 130 countries that probably will not even be able to access the queue?

Let’s play a game: water and fire.

In Europe? Water. Water of an exorbitant quantity. Enough to fill seas and oceans with innocent deaths.

In North America? Water. Precious water. All you can dream day after day, walking proudly under a scorching sun and hoping to find a compassionate breach in that monster called border wall.

Are we talking about the noble floors of the contradictory building called the Middle East, between the Arab Emirates, Bahrain or Israel? Water. Indeed, oil, but also tears and blood of the unfortunates on the sidelines. Where not even an aspirin may arrive, let alone the vaccine for Covid-19...

Maybe they are some islands? For instance the Seychelles or the Caymans, to name two at random? Water. That is, just liquidity, as long as it's safe and far from legality.

Sorry... but are we talking about the usual African countries? Or even Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan? Fire, right?

Well, I should have known from the very beginning. As they say in France, cherchez la femme. In our case we should say “the flames”, with which in many out there had learn to live with. Completely renouncing to wait for the arrival of the heroic firefighters, most of the time guilty of having started the outbreak in the first place.

Finally, once upon a time the fair distribution of vaccines for the benefit of all human beings. Otherwise, we will repeat again the greatest mistake of an entire species: to think of facing the problems of a planet by worrying only about our place...

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