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International day against racism 2021 from the future

Stories and News No. 1234 We are in the future, friends. We are here, really. I am talking to you, now, on this planet and all others, universally connected. Because that's the beauty of the future, right? There are no more networks, there is only one of them to connect all living creatures. Because there has always been just one... As some of you may know, for a long time I have had the passion of leafing through the pages of history in search of facts that in some way can inspire stories to better understand their meaning. Among them sometimes I also find strange, really strange words, and today I would like to say something about one of them. The word is racism . Yes, I know, it is really freaky, no one has ever heard of it, and for this reason I have worked hard to find information about it. Well, I have unearthed scenarios on humans of the past that I do not know how to call: shocking? Grotesque? Ridiculous? I leave you the choice of the best definition. In any case, you m

World Water Day 2021 Video by Storytellers for Peace

Waiting for the World Water Day on March 22 2021, here is the new video by the Storytellers for Peace . Let’s make peace through stories!

World Water Day 2021 spoken word poetry: Thank you, water

Stories and News No.1233 Waiting for the World Water Day on Monday 22 March, whose theme this year is valuing water , here are some words dedicated to the most generous and at the same time neglected among our mothers. This excerpt is part of my new video with the Storytellers for Peace for this important event, soon online too . Thank you, water. Thank you in advance and postponed, verbally or not, with a mere look and even without an answer. Thank you for giving birth to and quenching each one of us, without making any distinction between simple people and wonderful heroes. Thank you for not having exhausted your gifts and your affection for the living creatures. Thank you for still considering us worthy of them, even though we have been ungrateful and indecent with our behaviors. Thank you for not having swept us away with your waves yet, despite the whole nature would have good reasons to do that. Thank you for purifying every surface with constant attention and for inviting

Democracy is under siege: spoken word poetry

Stories and News No. 1232 Democracy is under siege. Because democracy is a risk. Freedom House, the well-known organization, says so. The human history of every nation says it too. Because democracy is the power of the people and the power of the people is the people in charge. And the people are not just citizens, ministers, undersecretaries and deputies. The people are all or none, even those who are never mentioned in happy stories. It happens that the French government declared the far-right group Generation Identitaire illegal and the far-right AfD party in Germany was placed under legal surveillance. Because the French and German democracies are under siege. Because democracy, everywhere, is a risk. But then – even if it could disguise itself as a pro-European and moderate government party - Salvini's League, which ever says the same things as the aforementioned parties do, should also be monitored and declared illegal. Because in France or Germany it would be completel