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International day against racism 2021 from the future

Stories and News No. 1234

We are in the future, friends. We are here, really. I am talking to you, now, on this planet and all others, universally connected. Because that's the beauty of the future, right? There are no more networks, there is only one of them to connect all living creatures. Because there has always been just one...

As some of you may know, for a long time I have had the passion of leafing through the pages of history in search of facts that in some way can inspire stories to better understand their meaning. Among them sometimes I also find strange, really strange words, and today I would like to say something about one of them. The word is racism.

Yes, I know, it is really freaky, no one has ever heard of it, and for this reason I have worked hard to find information about it. Well, I have unearthed scenarios on humans of the past that I do not know how to call: shocking? Grotesque? Ridiculous? I leave you the choice of the best definition.

In any case, you must know that the word racism comes from race or races, another term from the past unknown to us people of the future. Well, the inhabitants of the earth had divided humanity… yes, I know, this will already sound senseless to you, since one of the main foundations of progress we benefit from is based on uniting, never dividing. However, they had divided human beings into useless as well as incomprehensible categories called races. Why? You will ask. Yeah, good question. But without an answer, well, at least reasonable.

What is interesting is that these races were identified by… yes, I know, it will seem incredible to you. I already imagine those who will call me a liar. But this is not fake news, this is history, it really happened, I have the proof: these races were determined by the outward appearance.

Well, I said it, now you can laugh if you want, but that's the way it is. Among other things, the books, the newspapers, even images and videos demonstrate it. But that is not all. When I mean external appearance, among all the details that compose it, the color of the skin was considered as the true distinctive element. I know it sounds crazy, I can see it, but it's the past, what are you going to do about it? Nonetheless, I assume that – like myself when I first read about this abstruse story – now you are wondering what this skin color is. In what sense, right?

Well, our ancestors had literally invented colors, with which they classified the races. Those with lighter skins – which always depends on what you confront with, as you well know... - were the whites. The white race, in other words. The others, those who had a darker skin tone than the previous ones, were called black, yellow and even red according to the various shades.

I guess I will have lost half of the readers by now. I speak to those who remained. The real absurdity is not this, but in a further invention, which tastes more of delirium than simple imagination. It's about the idea... no, idea isn't the right word. Let's say belief that... I have difficulty thinking it, let alone writing it – one of the races was superior to the others. And that is racism.

What do I mean by superior? Yeah, another good question. You know, smarter, better in general, and the first to deserve the fruits from mother nature. Now, it is evident that in those days some people opposed this madness in all possible ways, this must be acknowledged. Just think that they were forced to establish an annual event to underline the absurdity of this racism: the international day for the elimination of racial discrimination.

Can you understand how crazy this is? They need to celebrate it on March 21st every year. It would be like remembering yearly the day against those who argue that we don't need to breathe, love, hug, communicate, even walk and at the end of the journey meet each other...

You know what? This is why I am incredibly grateful every second of my life for being born in the future.

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