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World Water Day 2021 spoken word poetry: Thank you, water

Stories and News No.1233

Waiting for the World Water Day on Monday 22 March, whose theme this year is valuing water, here are some words dedicated to the most generous and at the same time neglected among our mothers. This excerpt is part of my new video with the Storytellers for Peace for this important event, soon online too.

Thank you, water.

Thank you in advance and postponed, verbally or not, with a mere look and even without an answer.

Thank you for giving birth to and quenching each one of us, without making any distinction between simple people and wonderful heroes.

Thank you for not having exhausted your gifts and your affection for the living creatures.

Thank you for still considering us worthy of them, even though we have been ungrateful and indecent with our behaviors.

Thank you for not having swept us away with your waves yet, despite the whole nature would have good reasons to do that.

Thank you for purifying every surface with constant attention and for inviting us to do the same with each human aberration.

Thank you for having drawn with your inexorable, apparently ordinary stroke, a planet that is still extraordinary today.

Thank you for reminding us every single day in your reflection what once was before our arrival and is now gone, and above all what could still be in spite of ourselves and those who look at us from up there.

Thank you and forgive us for disrespecting you in every way it can be done.

Forgive us and thank you for not having stopped loving us in all the ways in which you can even imagine it.

Thank you and sorry if we still haven't fully realized your fundamental importance.

Sorry and thank you if you believe us others still relevant in the general drawing, at the point of deserving your tolerance.

Thank you for blessing our negligible existence, from the coming into the world to the instant of the fatal fading.
Forgive us if we often forget it in the middle and most of the time we attribute it to ourselves.

Thank you, really, for every single sip you gave us without wanting anything in return, as if it were something taken for granted.

I promise you that every time I relive the miracle of your presence, I will remember these words and also show with deeds that I will always be immensely grateful to you.

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