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Our worst enemy

Stories and News No. 1236

In our life we are often at war with something or someone.

Such a conflict can go on for a long time, in a painful and even bloody way.

However, this is often due not to the adversary's tenacity, but to the loss of sight of the fundamental element in any battle: the enemy.

Who is the real enemy? Who is our enemy? Who is everyone's enemy? Forgetting this, any war is a gigantic waste of life and time. While the real enemy, our enemy, everyone's enemy, becomes even more difficult to defeat.

So it happens that those who take to the streets to save their work find themselves at war against those who defend the lockdown, who ask for distance and closing.

While the real enemy, our enemy, everyone's enemy was and still is a virus.

It also happens that those who try to cross your borders to start a new life clash with those who are lining up to defend their homeland, more or less in danger.

While the only enemy, the real one, the enemy of each people in every time and place was and still is fear.

There are also those who protest for the sacrosanct right not to be killed because of their skin, inevitably clashing with the employees to serve and protect.

While the opponent of both is not a colour or a uniform, but the old enemy of all time: racism, yes it is.

Then there are the staunch defenders of a family picture, where every gender role is untouchable, who throw themselves with sharp claws and drooling fangs on anyone who dares to try to update the now antiquated image.

While the real enemy, the most formidable one in each relationship, is the ancestral hatred for what is different.

How can we fail to mention those who are ready to exploit any pretext, generalizing the most marginal details, to fuel a crusade against entire populations guilty of praying a different god. A strategy that throw gasoline into the flames of yet another senseless war.

While the enemy of then and today is always the same and is still called ignorance. It also happens that many fight promptly after the unacceptable tragedy has occurred. For example, when he killed her, she killed him, they murdered everyone else and she or he took his own life... at home. In the apparent silence hidden by very thick four walls, beyond which no one has ever seen or heard anything.

But the real enemy, the first one, the enemy to be encircled and put on the ropes every day, whose defeat would save an incalculable number of lives, bears the unsuspected name of loneliness.

Because the worst enemy, the real one, our enemy, is exactly like a virus: it is none of us and, at the same time, capable of infecting us all...

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