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Italy Republic Day 2021 Video Rap Italian Spoken Word Poetry

Republic Day / Public thing day Birthday of a State / in which those who defended and protected us must be thanked But then you need a parade / where you can see the heroes of the day Which for them means the whole year / even if many don't know it They are invisible soldiers who fight / and in trenches called lanes they throw themselves Many of them from the front do not return / but they do not receive the medals and honors they deserve When a real enemy has finally arrived / they were the first to defend that state Because we are the latter / they are the state / we are all that / we should remember About these bitter years / in which to understand who is seriously willing / to fight for us and our loved ones They don't have ranks or badges / but a white uniform with a pair of gloves and the usual masks There are no captains or generals / they have no rifles or nuclear bombs They are called nurses and doctors / physicians and caregivers People who work day and night / to d