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World Environment Day 2021 Story Rap - Italian Spoken Word Poetry


This is the story of a party that is like a show

Which begins with the Big Bang until the sunset of a miracle

From the dawn of a planet which we were born guests of

Only to end up forgetting what our duties are

Because we were here only to admire and join the wonder


We are no longer worthy to even set foot

Beyond the threshold through which the home called nature is accessed

We are the annoying guests who arrive already drunk at the party

As if the gifts of the earth were not capable by themselves of making us lose our minds

Because we were here only to admire and to join the wonder


Instead we not only entered without even a greeting

But we have begun to hand down every welcome gift without restraint

Because we have not understood anything about where we are

We have not read what was written on the invitation about who we are

Because we were here only to admire and to join the wonder


And then after seeing from the inside how vast and varied the world might be

We believed the worst mistake for someone who is just a guest

To think that this house is yours that you are the owner and that every place and creature is at your disposal

This offense has many names and they are called robbery kidnapping rape violence

Because we were here only to admire and before wonder show reverence


From that moment we started sucking the blood of everything like vampires

From rivers to mountains from the largest animal to the smallest rose

And like an insatiable parasite we attacked and drained everything that was alive

Without shame without regrets with every justification and pretext despite devastating scenarios

We should have been here only to admire and from the wonder remain distant


I have no idea if we still have time to save what remains beyond the havoc we have done

The day of the party is ending or maybe it's already over and what we see is just the delusional nightmare in a madman's head

A fool among the damned guilty of being the worst of all the guests

The most dangerous of the viruses on earth, the human pandemic, we are the greenhouse effect

Because we were here only to admire and humbly respect the wonders


Admire, admire, admire. Admire...


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