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Nuclear submarines crisis resolved with a school essay for kids

Stories and News No. 1242 USA, UK and Australia made a military pact vs China in its strategic expansion in the Pacific. It is trivially called AUKUS, or Australia, UK and USA. One of the first actions, a consequence of this agreement, is the recent disgrace against France, which expected to collect billions of dollars from the sale of 12 nuclear submarines to Australians. In short, the sensational choice of the latter provoked inevitable anger with political, war, economic and diplomatic repercussions on the part of the French. However, a question arose spontaneously: what are nuclear submarines? From what I understand, they are called so because they have an engine powered by a nuclear reactor, which makes them go faster, they can spend more time underwater and, above all, it is not easy to identify them with the various sonars. Nonetheless, the real gem, so to speak, is that they are capable of launching nuclear missiles equipped with little warheads. Meanwhile, France on the on