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Fake News volleyball player beheaded by Taliban

Stories and News No. 1245 So, once upon a time the word “news”. News… let's say stuff published somewhere out there, okay? Like a post from the Independent Persian , a recently born newspaper that is not even on Wikipedia; or some Indian newspaper that has copy-pasted it. But you don't pay attention to it, am I right? Do not even think about the editor in chief, Camelia Entekhabifard , who lives in New York, and whose vision is certainly not sympathetic to the Iranian regime, much less the Taliban one. Pay no attention to anything, because what matters today, for you, journalist, blogger or influencer, Youtuber, TikToker, Facebooker and Instagrammer, for you, aspiring star of the fantastic world of viral web, is one thing and one only: the sacred click ! "Show me the money!" Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Cruise screamed on the phone in the movie Jerry Maguire. The current version would be: " Show me the clicks! " Click me and I will be happy. So let's g

If Joyce Echaquan had been white

Stories and News No. 1244 Well, I believe that we should all do this whenever we read particularly tragic, current and very significant life stories : identifying with them. That is the only way to imagine sensations, understand something, change for the better and grow. Come on, let's try together, let's strength each other and for a few seconds let’s become her. Now, at this very moment, we are a woman named Joyce. We are located in Canada, precisely in Joliette, in the Lanaudière region of the province of Québec. But you might also read in the land that saw the first human beings at least eleven thousand years ago, the Paleo-Americans, or the ancestors of the indigenous peoples in the territory, the First Nations and the Inuit. We are 37 years old and we are sick. We are a woman under the age of forty and we live in a country that currently ranks 21st among the richest in the world, above the United Kingdom and Japan. We are very ill and we have seven children. As much a

Climate Change Story: The Court of Time

Stories and News No.1243 A short story about Climate Change: The Court of Time The courtroom of the Time is packed. Everybody is here. Those that count, not in the sense of money weight. They are the ones who are dedicated to counting what really matters. How many animals are at risk of extinction this year, how many days we anticipated the exhaustion of the earth's resources, how many atoms of excess carbon dioxide are in this instant in the fragile mantle of breathable air that stoically covers our poor planet. Silence now, the Judge is coming. All up, here he is. Indeed, the judge, to be honest, is a she and she is the Time. Because Time is a woman, you know? She is the sublime mother of everything and everyone, with fair affection she welcomes us into her womb and once we come into the world she accompanies us marking every step, gesture, heartbeat without ever getting distracted for a single fraction of a second until the end of the journey. "We are here to celebrate