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Fake News volleyball player beheaded by Taliban

Stories and News No. 1245

So, once upon a time the word “news”.

News… let's say stuff published somewhere out there, okay? Like a post from the Independent Persian, a recently born newspaper that is not even on Wikipedia; or some Indian newspaper that has copy-pasted it. But you don't pay attention to it, am I right?

Do not even think about the editor in chief, Camelia Entekhabifard, who lives in New York, and whose vision is certainly not sympathetic to the Iranian regime, much less the Taliban one.

Pay no attention to anything, because what matters today, for you, journalist, blogger or influencer, Youtuber, TikToker, Facebooker and Instagrammer, for you, aspiring star of the fantastic world of viral web, is one thing and one only: the sacred click!

"Show me the money!" Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Cruise screamed on the phone in the movie Jerry Maguire. The current version would be: "Show me the clicks!" Click me and I will be happy.

So let's go back to the news above, okay? Perhaps you may be cautious about the fact that none of the most authoritative newspapers in the world are releasing it. For instance, the New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, naming three at random, which certainly do not look favorably on the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

But that's not the point, is it? Is it informing citizens, perhaps? Or, the infamous, orgasmic click above? Perhaps, it would have been enough to reflect that one of the first European newspapers to publish the alleged scoop on the volleyball player beheaded by the Taliban, was the Daily Mail (until they’ll rectify too, of course), a few years ago banned from wikipedia sources because it was considered not reliable.

Of course, then Zaki Daryabi turns up, the editor of Etilaatroz, the investigative newspaper by reporters that put their life at risk to provide correct information from Kabul and tells us that the girl was not beheaded, but committed suicide in early August as confirmed from family and friends.

Well, what problem is that? You may reach your profile, page or website, correct, modify, delete as well, but as soon as you can... let’s go again with the next unmissable, frenetic, crazy and above all lucrative clicking party!

Because our blind, pressing fingertips are similar to many obtuse slaves to the nothing. But you may read it as the most coveted currency today.

Do you know what is the most serious aspect of this story? The fact that someone profits from the lies around a situation that is still tragic for many women, only making it even more difficult to help them. While the lies, since the world began, only serve those who tell them...

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