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The incompatibility of human rights

Stories and News No. 1249 Once upon a time there were human rights. Yes, were, you read that right. Please, tell me, where did they go? What became of alleged, universal declarations and solemn promises with consciences, rather than fingers, crossed behind the shoulders? The current reality is that those fundamental principles in defense of every human being, conquered in the past centuries at the cost of terrifying genocides, unthinkable abuses and, above all, courageous sacrifices, have now become incompatible with our so-called modern and civil Western societies. Exactly as stated by the Polish Deputy Minister of Justice, Sebastian Kaleta. Let's face it once and for all and write it in big letters, so that anyone who wants to cross our borders will understand where he is going. Likewise, for those who see the light for the first time in these latitudes: be wary of what the old world will tell you about itself in school books, it is the precious warning. Everything is much mo

Injustice is treatable

Stories and News No. 1248 We shouldn't have learned to read your language. Or, perhaps, you shouldn't have had to cross long stretches of sea and strategic straits, deluding ourselves that you came to bring gold, frankincense and myrrh, instead of weapons and above all infections. It hurts to know that besides the delirium that divides us, you others had the elixir of survival rather than a long life. That hunger and thirst were treatable undoubtedly surprised us long ago. But it is also the law of nature that helps us to understand that the earth’s fruits have a time and it is a sentence inscribed in the folds of the human horizon that sooner or later we will slaughter each other for the last apple or the last, blessed water sip. But we would have expected everything except discovering that what is incurable on one side of the planet is curable on the other. Almost six million people of all ages, mostly women and children, are killed by unbeatable enemies every year, or at

The risks of nuclear power for many are money for a few

Stories and News No. 1247 I was nineteen years old when for the first time I was called to speak loud on nuclear power in an official way, that's it. The tool for every citizen of a democratic nation to directly affect the direction that the country intends to take in terms of present and above all future. I refer in particular to the third and fourth questions of the 1987 abrogation referendum, which then obtained the majority and imposed a temporary halt on atom fans in Italy. It was said that the strength of the referendum was the understandable agitation of the people in the face of the Chernobyl disaster of the previous year. I repeat and emphasize, agitation more understandable than ever. Fear can be a kind of intelligence, when its raison d'etre is concrete. Quite the opposite in the opposite situation, see the phobia towards migrants and every other imaginary danger created. The very first to consider atoms as energy sources was Albert Einstein in the early 1900s, b

Honest mistake they say

Stories and News No. 1246 My name is, indeed ... my name was Zemari Ahmadi and together with my four children I died for an honest mistake , they said on November 3, the day after the one you dedicate to the dead, a particularly significant coincidence. With words, that's what they claim. Because with words they write, speak, often hurt, sometimes kill and rarely cure and save. But with those same words, then, they bring me back to life. Therefore, today is August 29, 2021 again. We are in Kabul, Afghanistan and, as I told you at the beginning, my name is Zemari and I am 43 years old. I am an electrical engineer and have been working for the office in the capital of Nutrition and Education International for 14 years. It is a non-governmental organization based in California, the country of invaders , liberators , occupiers and now departing . Forgive me, but now I don't know how to call them anymore and, perhaps, I don't think they know anymore either.  It is now 9 a