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Six dead giraffes storytelling

Stories and News No.1252 The photo of six giraffes dying of thirst in Kenya due to drought went viral within days .   So, I am working on this: Attempts for a piece to raise awareness about climate change and, above all, the need to modify your lifestyle wherever you are, knowing that the problem is global and we are all accountable with every choice we make everyday, who we vote, what we buy, what we eat or how we travel, what we consume, everything we spread in nature, etc. First : recursive prose that should strike for accretion. Six. Six giraffes. Six dead giraffes. Six dead giraffes in Kenya. Six giraffes died in Kenya from drought. Six giraffes died in Kenya from drought caused by global warming. Six giraffes died in Kenya from drought caused by global warming, in turn caused by humanity. Six giraffes died in Kenya from drought caused by global warming, in turn caused by humanity - including myself and you who read. Six giraffes died in Kenya from drought caused by global war

Oil Peace Missions

Stories and News No.1251 Let's try once again to identify with someone else, in whose guise we may observe and think about one of the many shameful recent news. For instance, an Iraqi teenager, a Somali girl or a boy from Mozambique. Young age is an indispensable criterion, since I believe – that is, I trust, that experience has long since opened the eyes of the oldest ones. Let's assume, therefore, that from their particular point of view, from their respective country of origin, you know that at least on paper European, militarily dressed, visitors came for noble reasons. For example, that in no particular order, Operation Atalanta has as its main purpose  protecting the ships of the United Nations World Food Program, which sail to deliver food aid to the Somali population; that the AMISOM mission is in the same country to train the local army and above all to secure the distribution of humanitarian aid; that the IRINI mission - which in Greek means peace… has the task of

The honest count of the casualties

Stories and News No. 1250 Once upon a time there was the casualties’ count. The right one, which grows out of all proportion with the passage of time, thanks to the good will of a few, even just one, and thanks to an innate predisposition to imagine the lives of others, there, where the conscience burns most. Therefore, let's start from afar, so that the final figure is as respectful as possible of what really or tacitly happened. May, 1981. Bobby Sands dies after two months of hunger strike and reggae legend Bob Marley disappears; John Paul II was seriously injured in an attack on St. Peter's Square and Donna Payant achieved the sad record as the first prison officer of the United States killed on duty. In short, other victims, fortunately survivors of death or died in the guise of martyrs, destined to become a legend or a simple anecdote for record-breaking. In the same month, same year, Alice Sebold is among the folds of history . Female, eighteen years old, white, Cauc