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Oil Peace Missions

Stories and News No.1251

Let's try once again to identify with someone else, in whose guise we may observe and think about one of the many shameful recent news.
For instance, an Iraqi teenager, a Somali girl or a boy from Mozambique.
Young age is an indispensable criterion, since I believe – that is, I trust, that experience has long since opened the eyes of the oldest ones.
Let's assume, therefore, that from their particular point of view, from their respective country of origin, you know that at least on paper European, militarily dressed, visitors came for noble reasons.
For example, that in no particular order, Operation Atalanta has as its main purpose  protecting the ships of the United Nations World Food Program, which sail to deliver food aid to the Somali population; that the AMISOM mission is in the same country to train the local army and above all to secure the distribution of humanitarian aid; that the IRINI mission - which in Greek means peace… has the task of preventing illegal imports and exports, weapons, to name one; that Operation Safe Sea is literally intended to make the sea safe from as many illegal and inhumane activities, such as drug smuggling or human trafficking; that the international version of the latter adopted by NATO, called Sea Guardian, was designed to counter terrorism and the transport of weapons of mass destruction; that the European multinational initiative EMASOH exists to ensure safety for free navigation. Well, I wonder, does free navigation concern everyone or only those who have got the Neo-colonial green pass?
I could go on, but I will limit myself to mentioning only the NATO Mission in Iraq, NMI, which always deals on paper with safeguarding local institutions and stemming Isis and the EUTM training operations of local armies still in Somalia and in Mali.
What can I say, instead of a random one of the aforementioned protagonists in the opening words, you could consider this disproportionate commitment of Westerners, mostly Europeans, to give you security and support an advantage.
But then you happen to find a recent Greenpeace report before your eyes and you discover that the primary objective of 64% of the aforementioned italian military missions and operations is not protecting your life and your future, but the interests of the various multinationals and companies of oil and of all kinds of fossil fuels that friends from afar continue to steal from your country like gigantic and insatiable vampire mosquitoes.
Maybe I am wrong, but taking into account – indeed, no, let's count them, of the 2.4 billion euros spent in the last four years by italian government, 800 million in 2021 alone, I am inclined to think that the Iraqi teenager, the young Somali, the baby of Mozambique and all of us, citizens with a minimum of political, social and human conscience still surviving, we have a huge problem in common...

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