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The Nobel without Peace

Stories and News No.1255 Hello? This is Tigray, yes. Can I speak to Norway? Yes, right, we know. We know everything, perhaps too much. Indeed, without perhaps. For example, we know that in this case it is you that we must call instead of the Swedish Academy. Yes, of course, I get to the point. I'm speaking for two million people , okay? Nine if we consider the regions of Afar and Amhara too, but we called, so... let's stay on two. There are still many, right? Yes, now it's been fifteen months that there's less and less food, less every day, like a leaking hourglass and your life is inside. Indeed, no: it is your children’s life. Can you understand now why every grain that runs away is a tragedy? Since this hell broke out once again, 37% of us often skip a meal for a day or two. Wait, you don’t need any calculator: imagine a colossal audience of your illustrious award ceremonies filled with hundreds of thousands of people who are not interested in applauding anyone, s

The reverse habit

Stories and News No. 1254 Once upon a time the reverse habit. Some will talk about in the future, which is now called present, but like all its predecessors, it too was born in the past. I refer to the typically human ease of getting used to the inconsistencies of living from one second to another, in spite of what we fought and suffered until death as a species, people, nation, city or community, you choose how many of your fellow human beings you feel to belong to this moment of your life. In this regard, I think that the parenthesis opened by the pandemic – the closed version I hope will be drawn as soon as possible on the pages of our common history, did not suddenly project us onto another planet or into a different dimension. The former humanity is more or less always the same and the Covid phase is similar to any stretch of path more difficult than usual, which puts you particularly to the test, so that those who give their best in such occasions, are useful to themselves and

President of the Italian Republic 2022: between past and future

Stories and News No. 1253 On January 24th, the consultations for the election of the thirteenth head of state in our country will begin. I am not saying anything new when I say that in every important decision that awaits us – when a considerable number of people depend on it and that its multiple consequences will have lasting, vast and partly unpredictable repercussions – it is very useful to take note of all kinds of the past For this reason, reflecting on the twelve last presidents, including the outgoing Sergio Mattarella, can help us to be more aware and at the same time to gain a far-sighted vision of the choice’s scope on the horizon. I am convinced that making this little trip together will allow us to better understand if the name that will come out will be the right one or less. Obviously, since this is my natural element, ours will be a journey of words, between the past and the future. So once upon a time the 1948, the year of the two presidents; the beginner, the short