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The Nobel without Peace

Stories and News No.1255

Hello? This is Tigray, yes.
Can I speak to Norway?
Yes, right, we know.
We know everything, perhaps too much.
Indeed, without perhaps.
For example, we know that in this case it is you that we must call instead of the Swedish Academy.
Yes, of course, I get to the point.
I'm speaking for two million people, okay? Nine if we consider the regions of Afar and Amhara too, but we called, so... let's stay on two.
There are still many, right?
Yes, now it's been fifteen months that there's less and less food, less every day, like a leaking hourglass and your life is inside.
Indeed, no: it is your children’s life.
Can you understand now why every grain that runs away is a tragedy?
Since this hell broke out once again, 37% of us often skip a meal for a day or two.
Wait, you don’t need any calculator: imagine a colossal audience of your illustrious award ceremonies filled with hundreds of thousands of people who are not interested in applauding anyone, since even just bread and water would be enough for their open hands.
If that's not enough, imagine as many thousands of children and two thirds of pregnant women with serious conditions of malnutrition.
Why did I call you?
Yes, of course, I'll get there right away.
You know, there is a woman here, a single mother of six who considers making them eat at least once a day something extremely difficult. And that the time she considers lucky it is because some neighbor or friend lends her some food.
Now there is no longer anything to lend, they replied.
The United Nations?
Sure, we talked to them, they also came here, they saw and reported the facts. They have prepared aid and organized the convoys but the transport block that exists since months prevents their transit.
What did you say? We need to get who can get it unlocked?
Well, this is the reason for the call.
The UN has already tried it, but he does not answer or denies everything.
So, if you could do something about...
Why you?
Maybe he will reply to you, just not to make a bad impression, that's it.
His number?
You already have it! Check your address book, inside the list with Nobel Peace winners.
The year is 2019.
Maybe we will remember the reasons why you gave it to him: for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

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