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A revolutionary and modern wall

Stories and News No. 1259 In this umpteenth story, a new and old one at the same time, follow me all the way to the Dominican Republic and get to know President Luis Abinader . He is a revolutionary and modern character in the span of a single sentence pronounced in a few seconds on a special occasion, a truly modern and revolutionary one, a conceptually oxymoron but imperialistically reasonable: "[With the wall between us and Haiti] the advantage for both nations will be of great importance ." It is hard to understand that using a brain with a lucid and disinterested rationality, but in the brain of the man who is the symbol of the Modern Revolutionary Party , according to the definition of his own coalition, everything is okay. As much as the captain of the ship who orders his men to pull on board the lifebuoy, letting the castaway drown, the mother who removes the breast from her hungry child, the surgeon who suddenly decides not to mend the patient after the operation

Speeches about war and peace

Stories and News No. 1258 A dialogue between friends, average citizens in the shelter of a relatively fortunate world, both uninformed, or equally attentive to the superficial narrative: "Hi, how are you?" "Fine, and you?" "Not bad, nothing kills me." "Don’t say that, think about those there...  they’re risking their life, you know?" "Who are you talking about?" “Dude, where are you living? I'm talking about the war, my dear. " "Sure, I heard." "Anyway, we should pay attention more than everyone..." "We?" "We Europe, buddy. With our weapons above all and oil, gas and even the media play their part." "I see, okay, but the main responsibility regards the guys on the border who threaten and have missiles and bombs in their hands, otherwise we justify everything." “And what about the United States? They are involved too, everything is connected. Who was behind the riots that led

When superheroes betray you

Stories and News No. 1257 I believe that the most dramatic news, which tell and above all denounce the umpteenth violation of rights and dignity, if the latter concerns a considerable number of human beings, should be dealt with as a teacher told me many years ago: you should relate to people, even before subjects or programs. Every speech, any conclusion, each choice must first of all take into account the most vulnerable person involved in the story, not the strongest one. So, I try to tell what happened by trying to concentrate may attention on her, the woman who was betrayed. The woman who was betrayed by them, the superheroes. Not ordinary characters, who at worst act as extra and at the very best utter a single line that serves only as an assist for the winning shot by the brave protagonist. Today, Cinema and TV, wherever there is a screen, are crammed with demigods, where once upon a time they were just fearless cowboys, diligent sheriffs and hard-hearted detectives. Indeed,

War at the gates

Stories and News No. 1256 War . If we made a quick brainstorming on the latter we can agree on the fact that the most common words that would be came out would be the same at every latitude. Among them there would certainly be “ weapons ” and “ soldiers ”. Then “dead” and “casualties”, “battles”, “clashes” and “trenches”, “massacres” and “tragedies”, “horror” and “destruction”, and so on. But the first two are essential, categories which it is not possible to ignore. Without them, since the very first dawn of the violent and cruel history of humanity there is no war. Nonetheless, over time we have all learned, everywhere, to get used to the idea that there is no peace without the aforementioned: weapons and soldiers. For most, the latter involve other words, which we all care about, regardless of origins, present and future, as well as the past: “security” and “tranquility”, “protection” and “defense”. Summarizing in one obvious lemma, peace. Now, including myself, in these days man