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A revolutionary and modern wall

Stories and News No. 1259

In this umpteenth story, a new and old one at the same time, follow me all the way to the Dominican Republic and get to know President Luis Abinader.
He is a revolutionary and modern character in the span of a single sentence pronounced in a few seconds on a special occasion, a truly modern and revolutionary one, a conceptually oxymoron but imperialistically reasonable: "[With the wall between us and Haiti] the advantage for both nations will be of great importance."
It is hard to understand that using a brain with a lucid and disinterested rationality, but in the brain of the man who is the symbol of the Modern Revolutionary Party, according to the definition of his own coalition, everything is okay.
As much as the captain of the ship who orders his men to pull on board the lifebuoy, letting the castaway drown, the mother who removes the breast from her hungry child, the surgeon who suddenly decides not to mend the patient after the operation, etc., who a moment later justified themselves by stating: "The advantage will be of great importance for both of us."
Perhaps in the cold foresight of the modern and revolutionary leader, not surviving long or dying soon, from the point of view of human beings born unfortunate and struck by an even more adverse fate, that corresponds to a real advantage.
One could almost imagine that in his perception, he feels almost a benefactor and a person of great heart, but in a revolutionary and modern way, it has been said, which allows him to find the courage and love to let die his neighbors on earth and a migrant by misfortune, rather than necessity.
Here is the ideal help offered to Haitians by the ruler in the brother kingdom, land of resorts and golf clubs, in the guise of political leader, but also president of important tourism organizations and member of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants, son of Lebanese immigrants and therefore convinced that he has fully learned the modern and revolutionary American lessons: a wall bordered by 70 concrete lookout towers 20 cm thick and 3.9 meters high, surmounted by a mesh fence, which will have optical fibers for communications, motion sensors, cameras, radars and drones.
It will be a great advantage for a country like Haiti, the poorest in the Western hemisphere, which only in the last year has experienced the assassination of a President and yet another earthquake, which destroyed the rural south of the country.
Yet it matters nothing if experts argue that this waste of money, time and humanity will probably do little to stop migratory flows.
Because what the current, modern and revolutionary leaders struggle to understand is that those who have the sole objective of being able to arrive safe and sound the next day know just one advantage in common with the people beyond the wall that is worthy of the name: to survive even just another second.
Another second.
Another one.
Another one.
Until dawn.
And go on again...

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