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Speeches about war and peace

Stories and News No. 1258

A dialogue between friends, average citizens in the shelter of a relatively fortunate world, both uninformed, or equally attentive to the superficial narrative:

"Hi, how are you?"
"Fine, and you?"
"Not bad, nothing kills me."
"Don’t say that, think about those there...  they’re risking their life, you know?"
"Who are you talking about?"
“Dude, where are you living? I'm talking about the war, my dear. "
"Sure, I heard."
"Anyway, we should pay attention more than everyone..."
"We Europe, buddy. With our weapons above all and oil, gas and even the media play their part."
"I see, okay, but the main responsibility regards the guys on the border who threaten and have missiles and bombs in their hands, otherwise we justify everything."
“And what about the United States? They are involved too, everything is connected. Who was behind the riots that led to this mess?"
"I agree, the USA always matters."
"And Europe too."
"Europe too, you're right."
"Including us, that's it."
"Yeah, because we are in Europe, right."
Short conscientious patriotic pause, up to catch their breath and back down into the depths of the geopolitical talk:
"Besides, they are always the ones who pay for everyone."
“Normal citizens, poor people above all, women and children. In short, civilians. "
"You’re say the truth. Politicians, multinationals and army generals play Monopoly and Risk with the lives of the unfortunate who risk everything."
"We should be heard."
“We observing things from afar. Public opinion matters, you know?"
“Here is Gandhi... your really think that who is behind all this will give a damn if  other countries people take to the streets with rainbow flags or putting them on their balcony? Has it ever served any purpose?"
“By the way, why don't we talk about it? I do not think there is a mobilization about that..."
"Ask yourself why."
"In my opinion, Covid is involved, come on. Between the lockdown and the fear of contagion, we have become fearful of anything that leads us to fight together on the streets for any reason, even an ideal such as peace. I hope that after the end of the pandemic the courage will return to us..."
"Well, for my part, I have always thought that in these moments it is above all good diplomacy that should do the job to stop the escalation."
"Wow, you talk like the expert ones!"
"Well, last night I saw three in-depth talk shows. It seems that the conflict is going to be softer..."
"Softer? Are you joking?! This year alone, in a month and a half there have been about 5,000 deaths. If you think that last year the numbers referring to a figure ranging between 26 and 31 thousand fatalities, it means that in 2022 we seriously risk doubling them..."
“5000? 31 thousand? I've never read anything like this about Ukraine..."
A very brief pause in confused embarrassment, a breath of air that is very clarifying and then back down among the waves of chat disguised as a committed speech:
"Sorry, but I was talking about the crisis in Yemen, with Saudi Arabia and the British behind, and the US and Europe at the window..."
"Oh sure, I understand, I am sorry too."
"No problem at all! Look, it's up to us, the table is free."
"Let's hurry up, today I don't really want an aperitif at the counter..."

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