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War at the gates

Stories and News No. 1256

If we made a quick brainstorming on the latter we can agree on the fact that the most common words that would be came out would be the same at every latitude.
Among them there would certainly be “weapons” and “soldiers”. Then “dead” and “casualties”, “battles”, “clashes” and “trenches”, “massacres” and “tragedies”, “horror” and “destruction”, and so on. But the first two are essential, categories which it is not possible to ignore.
Without them, since the very first dawn of the violent and cruel history of humanity there is no war.
Nonetheless, over time we have all learned, everywhere, to get used to the idea that there is no peace without the aforementioned: weapons and soldiers.
For most, the latter involve other words, which we all care about, regardless of origins, present and future, as well as the past: “security” and “tranquility”, “protection” and “defense”. Summarizing in one obvious lemma, peace.
Now, including myself, in these days many at various levels of influence and responsibility for the events in progress and the lives at stake are talking about a possible war, yet another in Europe, only a century ago the scene of two of the most atrocious conflicts of history. And it was enough only for the two words mentioned above: weapons and soldiers, in this case belonging to Russia, in increasing deployment on the borders of Ukraine.
Weapons and soldiers call for other weapons and other soldiers, traditionally adverse, and here comes the anguish for the most terrible of hell(s) on earth that the damned overrated species of bipeds which we belong to has been able to create.
Starting from weapons and soldiers, yes right.
Well, as this article rightly points out, together with what is happening in Ukraine, the pacifists of the world should also pay attention to the military expansion that the Russians have been operating in Africa for some time, particularly in this period in the Sahel.
This leads me to share with you the huge list of war bases, because this is what we are talking about, which the most aggressive countries on the planet have got abroad and they are increasing rather than decreasing.
At the same time, the worrying Chinese ambition to carry its sharp bayonets across the border like Americans and Russians steals both the eye and the media attenton. It is no coincidence that this goes hand in hand with its colonialist policy - neo, post, you choose the prefix, look what they are developing in Africa since years.
But obviously, the model to imitate and possibly challenge is always them, the USA, with 750 military structures in 80 countries and territories around the world. No other country in human history has had such a dominant presence on earth.
Then there are the ancestors of the old continent, since the United Kingdom defends itself - if you let me pass the grotesque choice of word, with 145 military installations in 42 countries.
In the above list there are many other countries, in addition to the aforementioned Russia, also France and Turkey, India and Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates and also Italy.
Weapons and soldiers, this is what our current, fragile idea of peace is based on, a single comma from all the rest that we abhor and fear in the days dedicated to remembrance.
Perhaps we should all begin to remember, then, that war is already upon us everywhere and we have brought it or let it in...

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