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When superheroes betray you

Stories and News No. 1257

I believe that the most dramatic news, which tell and above all denounce the umpteenth violation of rights and dignity, if the latter concerns a considerable number of human beings, should be dealt with as a teacher told me many years ago: you should relate to people, even before subjects or programs. Every speech, any conclusion, each choice must first of all take into account the most vulnerable person involved in the story, not the strongest one.
So, I try to tell what happened by trying to concentrate may attention on her, the woman who was betrayed.
The woman who was betrayed by them, the superheroes. Not ordinary characters, who at worst act as extra and at the very best utter a single line that serves only as an assist for the winning shot by the brave protagonist.
Today, Cinema and TV, wherever there is a screen, are crammed with demigods, where once upon a time they were just fearless cowboys, diligent sheriffs and hard-hearted detectives. Indeed, scenarios and eras, genres and even gender diversities multiply, but they are always the ones to save and protect, the Americans with digitally augmented power, more than reality.
That’s why a woman from Cameroon decides to ask them for help. And who better than Spiderman and Captain America, all the Fast and Furious put together, Neo and John Wick with the same retouched beard, and all the spin-offs of Star Wars and Marvel magically united for the main cause so far ignored: to not defeat the alien who wishes to destroy the earth. It would be enough to welcome and give refuge to those who are escaping from our own kind.
According to a recent Human Rights Watch report, the woman arrived together with her fellow citizens in the land first dreamed of, then promised and finally disregarded, in October 2020.
The government was in the hands of the president with the funny toupee, the cruel and heartless one, as they still say. It is difficult to deny it, by the way And once they have landed on the coast, the seekers of asylum, did not find there the daring resistance or the wise Jedi, but the soldiers in defense of the orange death, rather than black, matching the leader's hair, in short ICE.
This is how teleportation works for travelers without the uniform of the Star Federation: from one prison to another, from a familiar hell to the one beyond the mirror, in which you had dreamed of seeing a different movie, of those that save life as well as the imagination.
The woman is chained and taken to the cell. Then she is threatened and forced to sign and fingerprint the document that decrees the end. The end of all hopes. The end of all illusions. The end of a part of herself that she will never get back.
What? Where are the superheroes? Was it all fake? Was it up to this point?
Questions like these crowd the wounded mind, but never as much as the body, of those who, together with her, find themselves flying home, for reasons of synthesis. In full, you also read as the place they fled from to survive the first betrayal.
However, as an italian saying suggests, God protect me from enemies that I do the same from enemies. And who will protect us from superheroes instead?
In fact, once she set foot on her homeland, the nightmare from which she had escaped tragically takes shape in the worst way. The woman is captured by other soldiers - look how sadistic the fate is or is it the pseudo human species to be such. Then, for six, terrifying, terrible, atrocious weeks, forty days and beyond, hundreds and hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of minutes and seconds, she is tortured and raped.
Well, maybe someone should intervene massively on the plot within the narrative that is spread around the world, both in fiction and in media depictions.
Because if Brecht wisely said blessed are the peoples who do not need heroes, perhaps equally fortunate are those who do not have an extreme need to meet people with a shred of humanity...

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