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Twitter Elon Musk and the pure souls of social networks

Stories and News No. 1268 Those who follow Stories and News perhaps know that for various reasons explained in detail here , almost exactly three years ago I closed my accounts and related pages on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, even though I had signed up to the latter only recently. Therefore, the premise is a must: I am biased. That is, it is obvious how I think about the subject. However I still feel the need and also the desire to write something about what happened recently in the wonderful kingdom of 140 280 characters, the cool people’s land, not those Boomers on FB and Generations Z or Alpha of the many well-filtered images and influential mini videos’ networks. The social place preferred by activists of the catchphrase and hopefully viral memes, as well as by pseudo-intellectuals who always have something to say about everything rose to global prominence for its acquisition by the ambiguous billionaire Elon Musk. The reactions were many a

The real meaning of being equidistant from a war

Stories and News No. 1267 Although so far I have spent most of my life among words, it should not surprise me that it is precisely the latter that remind me that paradoxically I got a university degree full of numbers and logic. Therefore, when I read something that in the past I have studied and used several times to pass exams that have nothing to do with writing stories or theatre acting, I find myself once again split between reason and imagination. For example, consider a word that has suddenly become trendy due to the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia: equidistance. The reason together with a common dictionary suggest its main meaning: the property or condition of being equidistant - or equally distant - of two or more dots from another common one. The most cited example is that of the dots of a circumference from the one in the center. Nonetheless, the so-called figurative meaning - therefore suitable for the aforementioned imagination - instead offers this interpretation:

I am Ukrainian

Stories and News No. 1266 Asylum seekers arriving in the UK illegally - excluding Ukrainian citizens - will be shipped to Rwanda, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where they will remain while their applications are processed. Agent, Hassan says, you should not send me to Rwanda, huh? I am Ukrainian, I swear! Really, believe me, I'm one hundred percent from Kiev. Since eight generations, ask everyone out there. Black ? Not at all, I got a lot of sun along the way. It was a hell, right? Ukraine seems close, but when you escape from war it works in the opposite way to the speed of light: it is the lengths to dilate instead of time and a kilometer traveled can be worth the entire diameter of the world and even more. At the same time, every single moment, day, month and year are reduced to a fraction of a second when you see land, salvation, heaven or hell, as long as it is something livable. Nigerian me? Are you kidding? Are you confusing me with those there? Don't yo

Mali for instance

Stories and News No. 1265 Take Mali for instance. It is a predominantly desert nation located in West Africa that is landlocked and bordered to the north with Algeria, to the east with Niger and Burkina Faso and to the west with Mauritania and Guinea. Imagine now that you have been an inhabitant of such arid land and a torrid climate since the beginning, that is, since prehistoric times, about two and a half million years ago, and that you have the special gift - or curse - of overcoming death and the consequent oblivion; of not being able to be misunderstood, manipulated or erased from the winning story that becomes history and to be able to witness human events over the centuries as a silent spectator. So why you were there from the beginning and you are still there today, when your country enjoys the bitter attention of the front pages for the worst reasons. You were there in 10,000 BC when the Sahara was fertile and rich in wildlife and you were also present when thousands of y