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I am Ukrainian

Stories and News No. 1266

Asylum seekers arriving in the UK illegally - excluding Ukrainian citizens - will be shipped to Rwanda, said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, where they will remain while their applications are processed.

Agent, Hassan says, you should not send me to Rwanda, huh? I am Ukrainian, I swear!
Really, believe me, I'm one hundred percent from Kiev. Since eight generations, ask everyone out there.
Black? Not at all, I got a lot of sun along the way. It was a hell, right? Ukraine seems close, but when you escape from war it works in the opposite way to the speed of light: it is the lengths to dilate instead of time and a kilometer traveled can be worth the entire diameter of the world and even more. At the same time, every single moment, day, month and year are reduced to a fraction of a second when you see land, salvation, heaven or hell, as long as it is something livable.
Nigerian me? Are you kidding? Are you confusing me with those there? Don't you dare, huh? I'm a racist like you, really, I’m offended. Actually no, I’m angry, because we cannot welcome everyone and especially those who cannot integrate. Because you know, the blonde goes well with everything, while those brown and frizzy hairs detach too much, let's face it: us first!
“Us” who? Sir, agent, I’m talking about White European and Western, because there are albinos out there too, we have to be careful, chest out and walls up, is my motto.
Why did I come by sea and not by earth? Officer, sorry, are you new? No, don't shoot me, at least not yet, I didn't want to insult you, but if you allow me to explain, besides being Ukrainian I'm an aspiring refugee. Do you understand what it means? I certainly do not want to lecture you, but it is not a real aspiration, quite the opposite. Because only those who no longer have anything behind them seek refuge in the lives of people who are so distant and different.
Different me? But no, you misunderstood me, I was referring to the conditions of poverty and misery in which I find myself compared to you, an illustrious representative of the police. For the rest we are the same, right?
Not enough to convince you? But it's only a matter of time, really! Let me live a few days with you and you will see that I will soon learn everything until I’ll be confused with all of you. I can't wait to observe the wars of others through a screen until I am nauseous, without feeling the stench of burning flesh among all the smells and being able to lower the volume of screams with a simple movement of the finger.
Who are that woman and those children? They are with me, officer, they are Ukrainians too, don't you see that? They have the same perilous crossing tan as I do, and if you get close enough you can see the blonde regrowth in that pitch black hair.
But it's the sun that darken them that way, right? We Ukrainians are all like this when we make the long tour, that's why you confuse us with the Africans, but it's only a matter of time and we get back to normal.
Normal, I said right, yes? Isn't that what you're looking for when selecting us? And we are normal, officer. We are the right migrants, the good ones, to boast about when you host them at home and photogenic in the pictures to share on social media and newspapers, to be supported with funds and initiatives and to be welcomed with open arms in schools.
My wife and I can't wait to see the smile on our children's faces again when they will have the opportunity to go back to study and play with the other children. While I can't wait to see it again on her and that's it, I don't ask for more. Because my wife is Ukrainian and that's why she doesn't deserve to suffer, right? We are innocent people and our Ukrainian children are infinitely more than us, am I right?
It's strange to say, but we’re really lucky to were born in Ukraine these days and I'm sorry for the others, but I didn't make the rules, agent, and neither did you, as far as I know.
But we are Ukrainians like other Ukrainians, that's the only truth.
Please, officer...
Just for this time, close your eyes and ears, turn off your brain and cell phone, leave only your heart open.
And let us live.

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