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Bakayoko Italy Police stop: if I wasn't a footballer

Stories and News No. 1281 What would have happened if I weren't a footballer? This is what Tiémoué Bakayoko asks . He is a footballer born in France of Ivorian parents, who currently plays with Milan team on loan from Chelsea. So, a famous person and therefore for many recognizable, admirable, appreciable and enviable. The reference is to the stop and relative control by the italian police happened a few days ago. The first news published in the italian newspapers, with videos , highlighted in particular the astonished reaction of one of the agents in discovering the identity of the alleged suspect. I emphasize this expression, alleged suspicion, because the choice of words has always a decisive value in analyzing the storytelling of the facts. Any of us can be suspected of anything. We are innocent until proven otherwise, but only the verification of the latter can accuse or exonerate us. At the same time, defining an individual as suspect has a completely different meaning,

We need to talk to others

Stories and News No. 1280 The world is on fire , Prince Harry recently told the UN General Assembly, referring not only to the effects of global warming, but also to the war in Ukraine and the pandemic. Nonetheless, we all know that by limiting ourselves to climate change and its disastrous consequences, the alarming expression becomes literal, as the world is burning for real. In Italy there are 153% more fires than last year. Not to mention the consequential heat waves, with record temperatures everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole. Hence the question of questions, the most banal one that has even become boring for some, yet of an exceptional urgency: what can we do as ordinary citizens? What is the impact of the average man, limiting ourselves to these homegrown latitudes? In other words, how is every single family able to reduce its own personal contribution to a process that cannot be completely stopped now? For years I have been asking myself these fundamental quest

Behind China shadow over Africa

Stories and News No. 1279 Once upon a time a shadow, right? The Chinese shadow, with no surprises, since the title says it all, or almost. And in this case the latter reveals much more than what is seen. Because we are talking about the shade of a complex and poorly understood nation, in terms of traditions and politics, lifestyles and variety of languages, habits and customs, which are most often mistakenly translated into a superficial mixture of clichés in a sweet and sour sauce. But the shadow exists, okay? I refer to the African continent, as stated. Because the eastern giant has stuck both of its greedy hands among the natural wealth of all but the natives, and if they dare to claim rights or reasons, they become terrorists, separatists, or worse. Bad people, in short, even where they are at home, let alone when they decide to seek fortune elsewhere. Thus, with the passage of time, the invaders change names, but you may also read as far-sighted investors, new friends, generous

The terrorist’s long beard

Stories and News No. 1278 In the aftermath of the umpteenth domestic massacre in the land of automatic weapons, more than of opportunity or freedom, here is a likely and raving dialogue between two differently informed citizens that could take place almost anywhere in the world. “Dude, you heard about that guy who made a attack yesterday?" "Yeah, those guys with the long beards. If it were up to me, I..." "Me too, of course, he did it precisely on the Fourth of July." “That's exactly what they do, they hate our civilization. I'd burn that beard..." “Yes, the beard... of course. Among other things, he is only twenty-two, so young..." "So young? With those beards, you can’t figure out how old they really are..." “Well said. Besides, it seems he was also a rapper." “Listen, they know their job. They get into our young people's heads with the lyrics of the songs, that's how they screw your brain with their bullshit."